Pax Dei – Alpha 2 is coming on April 23rd

Mainframe recently announced the launch dates for Alpha 2.
The opportunity for us to look back at what was done during the first Alpha and take a closer look at the new features that were planned and the changes that were made.

It is now official, its next Alpha Pax Dayit will start on April 23, 2024 and its code name is Wilderness, which we can translate as “Wildlife”

The first Alpha focused on a part of the game that dealt with the so-called quiet loop (PvE), mainly building and crafting.

We remind you here of all our first impressions on these aspects here and here.

What content for this Alpha?

This second phase of testing will focus on another part of the game, namely combat and PvP. The last part will focus on social issues, trade and economy. This will be one of the first updates once Pax Dei enters Early Access because it requires, according to the developer, an already solid foundation in the crafting and combat loops.

The developer breaks down what developments have focused on in recent months:

  • The RPG and stats system has been overhauled to separate physical and magical damage.
    Durability also occurs in objects that are carried (equipment) and handled (for example trolleys).
    Finally, the studio promises an improvement in the complexity and depth of the game.
  • New spells, special attacks, and taunts are in development as of this writing.
  • Improve the animations, including creating new animations for the different weapons, ensuring that every hit makes sense.
  • Improve targeting, especially for melee fighters that will have a target lock function. Effectively allowing players to focus their attacks when fighting specific enemies. Spellcasters, meanwhile, will also be able to lock their target for targeted heals and buffs, though that's still a work in progress. Hopefully this will be fully ready for the launch of Alpha Phase 2.
  • Diet and nutrition will have a more significant impact. Whether it's berries that increase endurance, or ready-made foods that give strong delights. Health and energy regeneration has been greatly expanded and received the first dose of balancing.
  • As mentioned earlier, the item's durability and repairability will ensure that your gear stays in top condition during your adventures.
  • A first general balancing in terms of items, enemy stats, crafting, stamina, etc.,

What changes can we expect over what was already in alpha 1?

While minimal developments and changes are planned in terms of crafting, crafting benefits from several additions: new crafting tables, magical resources and materials (making an appearance) but also new recipes and options.

On the PvE combat side, enemies gain intelligence and opponents will be more formidable, requiring strategy and skill to defeat them.

The world of Pax Dei has undergone numerous tweaks to both lighting and biomass transitions, favoring cave exploration. The developer promises that these subtle but significant changes improve the atmosphere and immersion of the game, making every corner alive and vibrant.



What better than a PvP map to test PvP?

A new area with an area of ​​4 km² appears in this context. Called “Lyonnesse”, entering this area will automatically switch you to PvP. It will be located at the crossroads of the 4 hospital areas where construction is possible. Without benefiting from the protection of the Gods, it will be impossible to build anything there except your own tomb if you die, and along with the loss of your inventory if you happen to be killed by enemies.

Rich in coveted resources like pure iron, it will turn harvesting into fierce competition.

Balance will receive special attention from the studio, who, through the introduction of this first iteration of PvP, intends to ensure that non-PvP players have to work with PvP players to obtain valuable resources that are otherwise inaccessible. At the same time, PvP players will need the expertise of these non-PvP players in order to take advantage of their crafting talents. Therefore, the balance will be based on a smart mix of cooperation and competition.

An exchange between Eltarii and the developers is available here and here, and a first preview of PvP is available here


How to join this alpha?

Large computer system details the various methods of participating in this Alpha, which also promises more than 100,000 invites. So there is a desire to test servers and mechanics (new or old revisited) on a large scale.

If you participated in the first alpha, you don't need to do anything. Your access will automatically renew for April 23rd.

For the lucky holders of the “Elderly” role on the official Pax Dei discord, your participation will be automatic, provided that your discord account and your Pax Dei account are well connected and that you have filled out your profile information.

For others, make sure you've registered on the Pax Dei site, linked your discord account to Pax Dei's, and provided the requested information in your profile, and that BEFORE April 15th!
The developer's stated goal is to have a wide range of configurations. However, the developer still defines, at this stage, the minimum recommended configuration:

  • BONE: Windows 10 and DirectX 12 (required).
  • RAM: 16 GB RAM
  • GPU: Nvidia RTX 2070 or Radeon RX 5500 XT.
  • Storage: 70 GB of available space on an SSD.

Last little tip, to play with friends, make sure you have the same “Friend Token”.

NDA or not?

For this new testing phase, there is no NDA! So feel free to stream and share your gaming experience!

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