Parcoursup cover letter: how artificial intelligence can help you

Artificial intelligence tools such as “ChatGPT” or its French competitor “Mistral” make it possible to write all types of text: well known to all students, they can write whole books, homework and also cover letters for education or employment . But be careful, because these tools are well known to teachers too! Our advice to finally write your letter well with or without AI.

From this year, training courses may or may not ask for a cover letter to accompany your application. Previously it was mandatory for all oaths, whether they were read by admissions officers or not. In the end, 70% of training courses ask for it and therefore will read it: a real strategic piece to humanize and personalize your app.

The temptation of AI

But when it is necessary to write a series, the lack of imagination or time and the convenience of AI tools can encourage some to try the automated writing made easier by the rise of genetic artificial intelligence. Via computer or mobile a letter can be created in a few seconds!

The “prompt” or instruction given to the AI ​​is as easy as “Write me a cover letter for a Psychology degree as part of a Parcoursup file, all in 800 characters.” You can easily add or specify in your instructions the desired duration, the exact title of the targeted workout… In a few seconds the answer is given and it looks amazing.

Example of a cover letter written automatically through the AI ​​service 'Mistral'.

But from the first line you can see the limits of the machine: even if you quickly adapt the letter to your specialties and situation, the letter looks very impersonal, with pompous words or very cold wording. The forced exercise of the cover letter is already a very strict framework for recruiters, but the AI ​​style adds even more coldness with very general types and goes everywhere: it's very general, this letter could be suitable for many people people!

The automated cover letter will allow you to complete your file and check the boxes to confirm your desire within the specified time. but unfortunately it won't bring any extra points to your application or it could even annoy some training administrators who will notice and start grading your record. The bots' perfect, cool style is quickly recognized without even having to resort to AI detection tools, especially for committees that read about a hundred letters each year.

Evidence that you are truly motivated

To convince, you have to personalize and write yourself in your own style! The AI ​​style is cold while the managers look for your humanity, heart and personal desire: your story and concrete experience with examples that show who you are.

AI like our cover letter templates can therefore give you the context of the letter, give you the momentum and allow you to not start from a blank slate, but to do it well you almost have to rewrite it completely!

Things to review:

  • Add specific points from your course : your favorite courses, an important meeting, a turning point in your history that allowed you to choose a future profession or field of interest. By telling important points from your story you reveal your personality: and teachers will notice and like this honesty.
  • Replace details about targeted training : which reveal your knowledge about education. The name of a professor, a famous former student, an elective, or a topic that you are particularly interested in.
  • Break the cadence of sentences : short sentence, long sentence… Surprise, pace your letter to avoid cold and long sentences that only AIs know how to make!

Do not look for perfection and professionalism, which even artificial intelligence cannot achieve: if there is honesty, the professors responsible for the admission to education will excuse stylistic mistakes or amateurishness in your writing.

Add your originality while maintaining the respect and formality required in this type of application

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