Orange launches a social internet box, access to fiber for everyone?

The Internet is not immune to the inflationary trend affecting the French markets. For some people, getting a fixed connection has become difficult, as even this element is becoming too burdensome in the budget. That’s why Orange is launching Internet Boost. This social internet box allows, under certain conditions, to pay only €15.99 per month for a connection. It is even possible to take advantage of a very complete fiber optic box. Let’s see what the eligibility criteria are, and the subscription itself.

An affordable internet box with digital support and a special price for a PC

Orange’s social internet box is aimed at the most modest households. Orange therefore indicates different criteria to determine if you fall into this category. The most important concerns the family quotient, indicated by the CAF or the MSA, which must be less than €700.

The fiber optic box can also be used by ASPA beneficiaries (Allocation de solidarité aux personnes âgées). In all cases, proof will be required by Orange.

The contract is designed to avoid unforeseen expenses.

If you meet any of these criteria, then you should go to the Orange website or directly to a store. In all cases, subscription to the social internet box is done through a counselor. It is also possible to call Orange directly at 3900 (customer and sales service).

The social internet box doesn’t come alone. Customers who benefit from it can also take advantage of support. Orange offers free digital workshops to subscribers.

Finally, it is also possible to get computer equipment for people who meet the eligibility criteria. A reconditioned PC is offered to them at a preferential rate of €169 (to be ordered within 3 months after subscribing to the internet box).

To obtain the social internet box:

  • you must have a family quotient of less than €700 (consult the MSA or the CAF);
  • it also concerns ASPA beneficiaries;
  • proof is required;
  • the request is made to a counselor, by phone or in store.
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No commitment or fees for the €15.99 internet box

With this €15.99 per month internet box, with no increase, Orange is making a strong gesture. In addition, the subscription is non-binding: in case of payment difficulties or a change in situation, cancellation does not incur any fees. Subscribing to the fiber optic box therefore does not present too great a risk in the future.

Description of the social fiber optic box

A subscription worthy of full-priced fiber optic boxes.

It can be said that Orange is not doing things by halves with this social internet box. The package includes the same elements as its classic entry-level offer. The eligibility test for Orange fiber allows you to know if it is available at your home. Thanks to it, the offer offers a theoretical speed of 500 Mb/s, better than other competing offers at full price.

The fiber optic box also offers television and telephony. A 4K TV decoder is available, it is only necessary to take into account the €40 activation fee. But it is also possible not to make the request. Up to 140 TV channels are included, they remain accessible on mobile in all cases.

Regarding the telephone, the customer must connect their own handset. They can then enjoy unlimited calls to landlines in France, as well as to 110 countries. However, it is not possible to combine the social telephone discount with the social internet box.

What the Internet Boost offers in brief:

  • a subscription at €15.99 with no commitment or cancellation fees;
  • fiber optic with speeds of up to 500 Mb/s;
  • a 4K TV decoder and up to 140 channels;
  • unlimited calls to landlines in over 110 destinations;
  • free digital support on request;
  • reconditioned PC at €169 (preferential price).
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