'On steroids' The man who revolutionized superheroes warns us about artificial intelligence

Cultural news 'On steroids' The man who revolutionized superheroes warns us about artificial intelligence

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In a world where artificial intelligence is taking up more and more space in everyday conversations, a famous comic book artist shares his thoughts on its increasing use in artistic creation. Between ethical opportunities and challenges, his remarks highlight the challenges of a mixed collaboration between humans and machines to preserve the integrity and vitality of art.

Jim Lee, an iconic figure in the world of comics, is a famous Korean-American cartoonist. His contributions to the superhero universe, primarily through his work on the X-Men, Batman and Superman, make him one of the most influential artists of his generation. A former cartoonist, he is now director of publishing at Warner Bros. Recently, during an interview for ComicsBlogJim Lee covered a number of different topics, but it was his thoughts on the growing use of artificial intelligence (AI) in comics that garnered the most attention.

Jim Lee's Superman and Batman

Integrating AI into artistic creation, one hell of a challenge!

As managing editor, Jim Lee recognizes that the use of artificial intelligence raises complex issues, including creative credit and copyright enforcement. He says it's imperative that AI can properly credit other artists' work when it uses it. He insists that developing laws governing the use of artificial intelligence in artistic creation will be a crucial step, although it may take time and require global consensus. It also communicates about user opinions online. Jim Lee points out a certain irony in their reaction: “They criticize and want to slow its growth, but they spend money on companies that themselves invest in it.”

The effects of technology on steroids

Jim Lee also highlights the ethical and creative implications of using artificial intelligence in comics. It recognizes that due to its ability to absorb a huge amount of data from various sourcescan speed up the creation process: “it's on steroids” the former designer jokes. However, he warns of the risk of seeing many artists lose their jobs due to the replacement of their work by productions produced by this new technology. As far as his company is concerned, it is important that its use remains consistent with established policy going forward. It must also respect artistic integrity as well as human creativity.

Incorporating artificial intelligence into design presents both challenges and opportunities. If well managed and regulated, it can enable “transcending human limits” he clarifies in his interview. However, it is imperative that artists and companies work together to ensure that its use respects copyright, ethical standards and the critical role of people in the creative process. Jim Lee's thoughts provide valuable insight into these issues and highlight the need for a thoughtful and responsible approach to AI in comics.

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