NVIDIA uses artificial intelligence to create highly realistic games that adapt in real time

NVIDIA has just released a new playable technical demo: the Covert Protocol. This highlights the use of the Avatar Cloud Engine system that allows the creation of realistic characters without players using artificial intelligence.

NVIDIA secret protocol
Secret Protocol ©NVIDIA

Artificial intelligence is a formidable, yet challenging tool some ethical questions. This technology is used in many fields and in this one The video game is no exception.

It even seems that for some companies, artificial intelligence represents the future of the industry. So, Microsoft recently suggested that with the help of AI, anyone could create a video game.

Indeed, this technology can be used in the development of a video game. For example, CD Projekt Red used AI to record additional lines of dialogue for a character for which it was the official voice actor unfortunately deceased.

Obviously, using intelligence isn't always so “morbid” as it can also be used to make NPCs smarter. This is one of the projects of NVIDIA and Avatar Cloud Engine System. Additionally, on the occasion of GDC 2024, NVIDIA just presented a new playable technical demo of ACE called Secret Protocol.

With AI and ACE NVIDIA wants to create realistic dialogues

ACE's goal is to make non-player characters more emotional and realistic as well simplifying the development process This mainly includes the creation of voices, animations and dialogues by AI.

The presentation video highlights it capabilities of Nvidia's AI tools. According to this demo, this allows NPCs to react to interactions players, creating appropriate answers in the game in real time.

According to NVIDIA, each piece of the technical demonstration it's uniqueexistence of artificial intelligence able to adapt in the different situations players face. Covert Protocol was developed in collaboration with Inworld, a company specializing in artificial intelligence.

Inworld plans to make the Covert Protocol source code available. The goal is to encourage other developers to adopt ACE technology from NVIDIA. The company also re-introduced Audio2Face technology.

NVIDIA secret protocolNVIDIA secret protocol
World of Jade Dynasty©NVIDIA

This allows her lip sync characters with different languages. Audio2Face's goal would be to facilitate the creation of multilingual games. Here again, this would save considerable time. Many developers ignore localizing their game, especially because animation issues associated with different languages.

Does ACE put professional voice actors at risk?

If these AI technologies presented by NVIDIA are particularly impressiveHowever, they have some flaws. Indeed, introducing artificial intelligence in this way could it marks the death of a profession important: that of the voice actor.

After screenwriters, these are the professionals they could become completely unnecessary, artificial intelligence do their work faster and above all without being paid. While it is possible that some studios do not do without their service for the sake of realism, large less scrupulous companies could very well without it.

In an industry where not a day goes by without mass layoffs, the advent of this guy the technology is quite alarming. Hoping that the future of video games doesn't rely 100% on AI and that humans don't completely disappear from the player experience.

  • On the occasion of GDC 2024, NVIDIA has just presented a new technical demonstration: the Covert Protocol.
  • This uses the ACE system which allows dialogue, voices and animations to be generated for NPCs using AI.
  • Although impressive, this technology could pose a danger to the voice acting profession.

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