'Nothing positive to say about Electronic Arts' ex-Battlefield boss bitter over another failure

Game news 'Nothing positive to say about Electronic Arts' ex-Battlefield boss bitter over another failure

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Sometimes it's hard to bounce back in an industry where good ideas aren't everything.


Marcus Lehto, who previously found success thanks to his work on the Halo series, has, after leaving Bungie, faced some difficulties in starting a production that pleases both publishers and players.. Remember, in 2020, a game called Disintegration was released with the studio of V1 Interactive. However, thrown into an arena full of competitors with more shining armor, the software simply didn't live up to its lofty ambitions and was quickly forgotten.

After fairly lukewarm reviews (60/100 on Metacritic) and a commercial success that was sadly lacking, V1 Interactive closed its doors. Marcus Lehto then found a position at Electronic Arts, as general manager of Ridgeline Games, a studio created to develop single-player campaigns for future Battlefields. All doesn't go as planned: just over two years after arriving at EA, Marcus Lehto knocks on the door. As for Ridgeline Games employees, they have been hit hard by the waves of layoffs that have rocked the industry and seen their studio close its doors.

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Quiet, but not too quiet

Apparently, as he experiences disappointments, Marcus Lehto hides less and less of his bitterness towards this industry. The reason is simple: it's because he has nothing good to say about Electronic Arts, his former employer. “I haven't said much here since I don't have anything positive to say about EA, my recent departure and how so many people, including my team, are suffering from mass layoffs in the industry,” Marcus Lehto wrote on his official X/Twitter account.

Silent, perhaps, but his actions are not deceiving. As noted GamingBolt, the former Ridgeline Games boss in charge of Battlefield's single player liked a message where the US company Electronic Arts was described as “the epitome of corporate greed“. Nice atmosphere! He also likes messages from Halo fans asking 343 Industries to return to the franchise. Since the closure of Ridgeline Games and the departure of Lehto, Criterion Games has taken over the development of the Battlefield campaign. We wish them the best of luck.

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