Nordnet, 360° digital solutions for all your needs

In the minds of many, Nordnet is an internet service provider and that’s it. However, our teams offer 360 digital solutions for all your needs, much more than just high-speed internet access. How about a little reminder of that?

Digital solutions for connection

High-speed broadband everywhere

Obviously, Nordnet’s primary mission is to provide internet. In high-speed broadband. Everywhere, including where other providers don’t go. The white areas? They don’t even scare us! Thanks to a mix of technology, Nordnet can provide the best available connection to everyone, wherever they are. Satellite, Fiber, 4G, Radio, DSL: all technologies are represented with us; a rare diversity of offers among ISPs (internet service providers).

Tools to boost the connection

As if it wasn’t enough to provide internet everywhere in France, Nordnet also deploys its expertise so that you can enjoy high-speed broadband everywhere in your home. That is, even in the most distant rooms from the box and in large installations, such as a farm or a service company. Fast and stable connection in all corners and even in the nooks and crannies!

Solutions for protection

Your truly private network

What you do on the internet belongs only to you. At Nordnet, we are convinced of the importance of privacy and online security. We spend so much time there… 4 hours a day, on average, among young people! For this reason, we offer a performant and secure VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Thanks to our VPN Securitoo Freedome, your online life remains private: you can browse anonymously, hide your location, and much more…

Consistency in your security ideas

The Securitoo security suite includes a whole arsenal of defensive weapons to ensure your online protection: antivirus, firewall, vulnerability analysis, protection against ransomwares, file shredder, anti-theft, device optimization, etc. Everything to reassure you without impacting the performance of your tools. The Trojan horses can go back to the stable!


Solutions for identity

Your own name

You may not know it, but Nordnet is a certified registrar. That is, an entity authorized to manage domain names. Do you need to reserve a domain name for your current or future website? Do you need information on the different possible extensions according to your business sector? Whether individual or professional, we offer solutions adapted to your needs.

Entertainment solutions


Television transcends generations! At Nordnet, it is included or optional in all internet offers. Vidéofutur, FRANSAT, WiBox… Depending on the chosen internet technology, different solutions are available to enjoy maximum of the small screen with your loved ones. Many channels, for all tastes, and essential features such as Replay, live control, broadcasting on all types of devices, program recording, etc.

All the press, without hurrying

In partnership with Cafeyn, Nordnet offers a digital press service. A unique application to access unlimited more than 1,000 newspapers and magazines on all subjects: from international or ultra-local press to scientific journals, fashion, or even cooking. All for the price of a single magazine. Not bad, right? Find out more about Cafeyn in this article.

Presse Cafeyn Nordnet + de 1000 magazines et journaux pour tous les goûts

Exchange solutions

Secret messaging

Need a messaging solution to send and manage your emails? Nordnet provides up to 6 email addresses to its clients, for you and your family, for your personal and professional use. The best part: each of these addresses is secured by an antispam and email antivirus. You can exchange with confidence!

Fixed telephony… via the Internet?

The landline phone, obsolete for some, essential for others. For our clients who live in white areas, the landline is essential. Because the classic telephone network is often faulty in these regions, we offer to make calls on the landline via the Internet. This is what we call “VOIP”. Like the internet, the telephone is an essential tool to break isolation, exchange, and have an impact around you.

Mobile telephony

Reserved for our clients, Nordnet mobile plans are compatible with 4G/5G according to the offers and adapted to all uses: calls, streaming, games, video calls, search, GPS… everything you might need!

At Nordnet, we offer 360 digital solutions; answers to all needs for an online existence respectful of everyone and everything.

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