Nice try ! The iPhone 15 is back in the limelight

Apple has decided to release a new video, titled “Nice try!“, to be translated into”Nice try !» in the language of Moliere. But you might have missed it. And for good reason. the content actually comes from the company's YouTube channel dedicated to the Singapore market. We still haven't seen its color in French, at home. In the short film, the manufacturer promotes one of its biometric unlocking solutions: Face ID. The functionality, which is based on the image stream coming from the TrueDepth sensor installed under the Dynamic island on new iPhones, it allows you to secure mobiles and tablets. However, not all devices of the Apple company are equipped, so that the iPad Air of the fifth generation, for example, is satisfied with a fingerprint sensor with Touch ID.

Face ID technology could too appear in new products Apple, in the future. We don't know exactly which ones, but the patents suggest that Apple wants to develop this technology in it Computers laptops and desktops. The iMac and MacBook Pro could then be the first to feature facial recognition. But Cupertino still needs to be able to produce such technology on a large scale for this type of machine, which doesn't seem to have been achieved yet. Additionally, it's not uncommon to see Tim Cook's company protect inventions that ultimately don't see the light of day in stores.

iPhone 15 and security

Face ID is not the only security advantage of the iPhone 15. In fact, these mobiles also have end-to-end encryption for photos and messages stored online in the eponymous and proprietary applications. At the same time, Apple, through Trousseau iCloud, offers us a complete password manager that can be accessed at any time from all its devices. A value proposition to be compared to that of Dashlane or the native Google Chrome alternative, but this time limited to the head ecosystem, therefore. Enough to attract the ire of the competition authority, but that's another story.

Drivers iPhone 15 also features the accident detection, which, in particular through the microphone and the accelerometer, can alert the emergency services in the event of a serious problem on the road. With that, let's point out that the Locate app allows you to easily find your mobile at any time, even if the solution is not foolproof. Third-party smartphones can also do this, such as with the Android Device Manager program accessible from a web browser.

Face ID isn't foolproof either

Returning to biometric unlocking, let's point out that Face ID, despite its promise of significant security, also remains fallible.

Several smart people have already achieved this Pirates the system, despite the numerous safeguards Apple implements to justify its effectiveness. It only takes a few YouTube searches to see that manipulation isn't always the hardest thing to do, even if it's not necessarily accessible to everyone. Let us point out, in addition, that spyware like Pegasus they remain today able to access all the data stored on an iOS mobile phone, even if the system is protected by Face ID. And sometimes the owner of the device doesn't even realize it.

Apple isn't the only company offering facial recognition to unlock its devices. Therefore, Microsoft is developing its own alternative called Windows Hello, and as its name suggests, this time this technology is available on hundreds of computer models using the Redmond OS. As for Samsung, it was 2013 with the Galaxy S4 that facial recognition was offered on its phones, several years before the arrival of Face ID on the iPhone.`

  • Apple shared the video of a new ad
  • The ad highlights the iPhone 15 and Face ID
  • Face ID is a biometric unlocking solution that uses facial recognition

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