New update for Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5, Galaxy A51 on the verge of disappearing, it’s the week’s recap

Some Pixels get a new update, the Galaxy A51 is no longer eligible for Samsung’s latest security update, instant transfers are finally free in Europe, it’s the summary of the week.

As Google launches a new update for some old Pixels, Samsung removes its very popular Galaxy A51 from smartphones eligible for security patches. The new EU rules now require banks to offer free instant transfers to their customers. This week, we explain why you should never wear your Vision Pro helmet while driving.

The end of the Galaxy A51 is near

Samsung made a surprising decision by changing its list of smartphones eligible for security updates. Indeed, the Galaxy A51, although very popular, will no longer receive security updates. The mid-range smartphone was previously benefiting from two updates per year. Without support, the Galaxy A51 becomes vulnerable to cyber attacks and is expected to lose interest in the eyes of consumers.

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Vision Pro helmet and driving don’t mix well

Barely launched on the market, Apple’s helmet could endanger the least clever owners. Indeed, despite warnings from the American giant, a person filmed themselves driving their Tesla Model Y with the Vision Pro helmet on their face. While the driver claims to have activated Full Self-Driving, Tesla’s autonomous driving is not without risks and it is essential to be alert, which is not compatible with wearing the Vision Pro helmet. The police intervened quickly, quickly limiting the risks to the driver and other motorists.

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Credit – Dante: X

Good news for Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5

Google has just deployed a new update for the Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5. Good news for owners of these old smartphones, who thought their device would no longer receive software support. While this update does not offer major improvements, it brings its share of fixes, extending the lifespan of these old models.

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The Epic Game Store has been very generous since its creation

Our colleagues at PCGamesN have assessed the total value of the games offered since the store was created in 2018. With regular gifts, namely a free game every week since its launch, the Epic Game Store has offered 9392 euros worth of games to its users. If you are one of the players who have collected all the free games for 6 years, your game library is worth a small fortune.

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Credits – Epic Games

Instant transfers finally made free by the EU

You’ve been waiting for this good news for months, and the European Union has finally done it: instant transfers for customers are now free. All banks in Europe will have to comply with the regulation that will enter into force twenty days after its publication in the Official Journal of the European Union. Check out our dedicated news to understand the new EU rules.

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