Neosat is the best choice, here’s why

In some accommodations, it is difficult to find an internet box that suits. Some have to settle for very low speed with ADSL, while others are not yet eligible for fiber optic. In these cases, one of the best things to do is to turn to a satellite internet box. Few providers offer them on the market. Neosat is one of them and allows to overcome these problems. What is the formula to favor?

Vital+, the satellite internet box to choose first at Neosat
Subscribing to a satellite internet box is the right way to get Internet while waiting for fiber optic connectivity. It is also the best option to enjoy a higher speed than ADSL and a stable connection. Vital+ is Neosat’s first internet subscription and has a price of €34.90/month for one year, then €39.90/month.

Of course, Internet is available without any moderation with this formula. However, it is important to note that 100 GB of data are dedicated to prioritized traffic. Specifically, this data envelope allows for a more powerful Internet connection and a higher priority over other users. Once it is completely used, the speed is reduced.

In any case, the expected performance with this satellite box remains largely superior to ADSL. In fact, it reaches up to 100 Mb/s in download speed and 10 Mb/s in upload speed. This is enough to watch movies and series in Full HD and play online.

This internet offer includes a Nordnet WiFi 5 Box. This box is refurbished, which is a gesture for the planet. In addition, it is possible to connect a landline phone, but calls are billed according to consumption. Furthermore, a secure email address is part of the package, protected by anti-spam and antivirus.

In concrete terms, on the Vital+ satellite internet box from Neosat:
– Vital+ offer at €34.90/month for one year;
– 100 GB of prioritized data;
– a speed of 100 Mb/s in download and 10 Mb/s in upload;
– calls billed according to consumption;
– secure email address.

Aids from the State to finance the satellite box?
Naturally, to obtain this satellite internet box, you have to pay for it. Specifically, certain satellite internet equipment is relatively expensive. This is the case with the satellite kit and the installation service. Fortunately, there are solutions to finance these services.

First, to obtain the satellite kit and enjoy Internet from home, you have to spend €299. However, certain specific customers can benefit from State aid to finance it entirely. First, it is imperative to be located in an eligible town. Then, the current speed of the customer must be less than or equal to 30 Mbit/s in download speed. Finally, the customer must never have benefited from this aid.

To save on their internet subscription, the customer can choose to install their satellite kit themselves. If they choose this option and benefit from State aid, they pay nothing. However, if they wish the installation service, they must finance it (also €299). Otherwise, they pay for the installation service with State aid and rent their satellite kit for €8/month. Subject to resources, the aid can double and thus finance both the kit and its installation.

Furthermore, it should be noted that two other internet offers are available. The Ideal+ offer is €49.90/month for one year, then €54.90/month. This time, the subscriber benefits from 150 GB of prioritized traffic and a more powerful speed. This satellite internet box offers unlimited calls to landlines in metropolitan France and over 50 destinations. In addition, a mobile plan of 30 GB is included with the Orange network.

Key points about the Neosat satellite box:
– satellite kit at €299;
– installation service at €299;
– State aid to finance one or both of the services according to certain criteria;
– possibility to enjoy free installation and rent the kit for €8/month;
– Ideal+ offer at €49.99/month for 1 year.

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