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Portal for Dalaran has asked Jade Martin and Rodney Pare about the Frostfire heroics talents of The War Within, aimed as you might expect at Frost and Fire Mages. Find the most important information below.

Choices and adjustments

  • Frostfire Mastery offers two separate enhancements, one for each school. You are not supposed to cast many Fire spells while in Frost spec and vice-versa for the obtaining of your Mastery stacks. There are other tools in the Frostfire heroics talent tree that help you stack Frostfire Mastery enhancements without needing to cast spells of the other school.
  • The goal with the Frostfire heroics talents is for them to work seamlessly for Frost and Fire specs, even with the significant differences between the two Masteries. For example, when playing a Frost Mage with Frostfire, Frostfire Bolt will stack Ignite, and the same applies for Fire Mages and Fingers of Frost. Another example, Frostfire Bolt interacts the same way as Frostbolt with the Shatter effects. If this is not the case during testing, please provide feedback so that it can be corrected as soon as possible.
  • The difference between the Frost and Fire versions of the Frostfire heroics talents is not due to balancing – Frost does not have as much access to Fire spells as Fire does to Frost spells, for example. The values are still under review, but developers want them to be different between Frost and Fire Mages to ensure they are balanced. Those visible in the Frostfire heroics talent tree are initial values and subject to change. There are no plans to increase access to spells of the other spec – No extra Frost spells for Fire and vice-versa. Currently, the focus is on making the heroics talents as refined as possible in preparation for public testing.
  • The Frostfire heroics talent tree contains many ideas explored in the past by developers, but no idea is a first iteration. For example, Isothermic Core. Developers originally wanted a Frostfire version of Comet Storm/Meteor, but with iterations, they realized that it didn’t make much sense, and Isothermic Core is a compromise to implement this idea in a certain way.

Heroic talents and feedback

  • Heroic talents should not feel like they are present to complicate your rotation. They should be transparent while adding extra flavor to your preferred spec.
  • Developers also try to avoid the same effect that the new talent trees had with Dragonflight, with the sudden addition of too many new spells, which was overwhelming for players. An example of this is the talent Flash Freezeburn, which gives maximum Frostfire Mastery and resets its duration, which should alleviate concerns about maintaining Frostfire Mastery stacks during critical moments.
  • The intention of heroic talents is not to homogenize how each spec plays – even with the intertwining of heroic talents, the identity of each spec (like Combustion and Hot Streak) should be maintained. Each spec should benefit from heroic talents in the same way, but they should still be sufficiently different from each other. If you feel like both specs are becoming too similar in terms of gameplay when heroic talents are added to the equation, that is excellent feedback for developers.
  • PvE and PvP are both considered when designing heroic talent trees.


  • The heroics talents Spellslinger and Sunfury are currently undergoing iterations, but no preview at the moment.
  • There are no plans to make Orbs static spells. This aspect of Arcane Orb and Frozen Orb is unique and developers recognize the frustration they can cause, but believe that making them easily targetable would remove some of the skill from both specs. Fiery Orbs are cool, the team doesn’t say no to this idea, but there are currently no plans to make a Fiery Orb spell.
  • Although the idea of other magic schools like new Conjuring spells is cool, developers are concerned that it will lead to an additional accumulation of buttons, which is a problem that became more visible with the talent revamp of Dragonflight.

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