Minecraft has been released on almost all consoles… In addition to being one of the best sellers in the world! This will happen soon

Game news Minecraft has been released on almost all consoles… In addition to being one of the best sellers in the world! This will happen soon

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Minecraft may not make as much noise as other video games, which are also extremely popular, but we have to realize how far we have come in more than ten years. Tons of support, stratospheric sales figures and yet the Mojang title still ignores this console with several tens of millions of copies. But, luckily, that may be about to change!

A new version designed for PS5 will be prepared

Maybe we tend to forget it, but video games Minecraft is one of the best-selling titles in the world. Even crazier, it's quite simply the top-selling video game in history, having sold more than 300 million copies.. To better understand performance, you need to know what it is Grand Car Thief 5 which is in second place in the ranking with… almost 200 million sales, 195 to be exact and according to the latest estimates. However Minecraftfor his part, he has not yet completed his ascent!

Currently, a real version of it Minecraftand speaking of version… PS5 ! Yes, it's apparently possible to launch the game on Sony's latest console, but it's a port of the PS4 version, not a native version. However, the situation could quickly reverse since then Microsoft and Mojang appear to be working on an optimized version for Sony's next-gen console, including 4K. This possible version was shared by the PlayStation Game Size X (formerly Twitter) account, but we are still waiting for the proper officialization from the developers.

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New things, on the video game side, but not only: the Minecraft movie is coming!

More than twelve years after its release, Mojang's title is still in the news. Lately, it hasn't been much about offering reassuring news after we've heard major data leak, put up for sale on an illegal platform, but luckily there is still information about the release of the feature film. In mid-March, he was one of the stars of this next blockbuster who took time to discuss his level of involvement in this project, ensuring that he “drank and ate Minecraft”. As of now, the movie doesn't have an exact release date yet but It is indeed expected for 2025.

Anyway, his manager Minecraftwho is none other than Jared Hess, knows very well that he is taking on a huge challenge by taking on such a project. Aware of this pressure, the director explained that he wanted to do everything to meet the expectations of fans, especially children who represent a very large part of the audience. For Jared Hess, this is definitely the production that should not be missed under any circumstances and without a doubt, the first visuals will react a lot, even if the director has a specific goal in mind consisting of don't repeat the same mistakes as the first live-action Sonic movie.

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