Microsoft's first AI computers, are their exorbitant prices justified?

Microsoft has just officially unveiled its first AI computers: the Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6. Both integrate Copilot, the company's AI, in an advanced way to revolutionize the way users work.

Surface AI
Surface Pro 10 ©Microsoft

After AI invades Bing and Edge, it's attacking Microsoft computers. The Redmond-based giant was expected to market “AI computers,” computers powered by Copilot and artificial intelligence. Now it is done.

So Microsoft just introduced two new models of its Surface rely heavily on this technology. This new series of computers is, on the other hand, designed above all for workers and businesses. Microsoft's first AI computers will therefore be the Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6.

According to the company, these computers are supposed to “revolutionize the way users work.” If incorporating AI seems like a good idea, it's possible that the Internet giant's innovations approach the gadget than anything else.

Surface AISurface AI
Surface Laptop 6 ©Microsoft

What's new in Surface AI?

Except hardware improvements Therefore, it is expected with a new generation of devices, the flagship innovation of these Surfaces the addition of artificial intelligence. This comes in the form of new features such as:

  • Improved simultaneous multitasking management.
  • Extensive Copilot integration.
  • Transcription of handwritten note.
  • Summary of important events such as meetings.
  • Improve and customize performance management.

All this is made possible thanks to the overall improvement of the hardware of the machines. Especially adding a new NPU for the Surface Pro 10. The CPU has also changed and Microsoft's tablet is sold in two versions. One with an Intel processor Core Ultra 5 135U and another with a Core Ultra 7 165U (same for Surface Laptop 6).

The RAM of both devices is also customizable, which can go from 8GB to 64GB depending on the needs of the user. On the other hand, regarding the screen, you will need to settle for an LCD screenOLED technology has not been selected by Microsoft for these computers.

Are the surfaces too expensive?

Surface AISurface AI
Surface Pro 10 ©Microsoft

Obviously, these two surfaces run down Windows 11 and should benefit from the next OS update in 24 hours. It should also focus on artificial intelligence and should be deployed this summer, June to be exact.

This will make it possible to further increase the AI ​​capabilities of these machines, thanks to deep integration of Copilot especially in the operating system. Unfortunately, not all of these “improvements” are not without compensation.

Surface devices aren't the most affordable, and these two new models aren't they are no exception. There Surface Pro 10 was sold between 1399 euros and 3319 euros depending on the configuration. As for the Laptop 6, you'll have to count a little more. The first price is 1399 euros also while the most efficient version is for sale 3559 euros.

THE pre-orders are already opentradition being is scheduled for April 10. Given the price range and the 'gadget' side of AI, it's likely that these devices are intended for very limited clientele and that the integration of artificial intelligence does not justify these exorbitant prices.

  • Microsoft has just unveiled its first AI computers: the Surface Pro 10 and the Laptop 6.
  • These devices incorporate Copilot AI to “revolutionize the way users work.”
  • The Surface Pro 10 retails between €1,399 and €3,319 and the Surface Laptop 6 between €1,399 and €3,559.

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