Massive promotion on Smart TVs with a Bouygues internet box!

At Bouygues Telecom, it is possible to purchase a Smart TV at the best price. When subscribing to an internet box, many internet users are moving into a new home and do not have all the necessary devices. Thanks to the ISP, the customer can kill two birds with one stone. In addition, the Smart TVs offered by Bouygues Telecom are reliable, as they are from the Samsung brand. What are the conditions to be met to benefit from this?

The price displayed for some Smart TVs is often a deterrent for internet users. They prefer to turn to a classic screen because it’s cheaper, but less useful in daily life. Fortunately, with the internet box package with Smart TV from Bouygues Telecom, some can be found at 49€. This is the case of the Crystal UHD 43″ (108 cm) model.

The Crystal UHD from Samsung is only 49€.

Nearly 87% immediate discount, is what awaits those who subscribe to an internet box with a cheap Smart TV. This Crystal UHD is usually priced at 399€. Moreover, for those looking for a larger TV, there are options available from 43″ to 85″ (216 cm).

Which fiber optic box should you choose to enjoy a Smart TV?

Choosing a Smart TV on sale is easy, and finding the fiber optic box that goes with it is just as easy. In fact, the ISP specializes in simplicity, because only two formulas are compatible: the Bbox must and the Bbox ultym.

Pay as little as possible with the Bbox must internet box

With monthly payments of 42.99€/month, the Bbox must is the cheapest of the two. As such, those wishing to reduce their budget should consider it more closely.

Smart TV internet box

The Bbox must provides access to a Smart TV on sale.

With a download speed of 1 Gb/s and an upload speed of 700 Mb/s, the Bbox must is more than sufficient for regular users. It allows access to the functions of a Smart TV with just a few clicks.

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