Magnifier tool, Microsoft Designer and Copilot Notebook, how Microsoft plans to boost Edge with AI

Microsoft has just introduced a new zoom feature in its browser. Edge could also very soon provide access to Notebook mode in Copilot and integrate Microsoft Designer to let you edit any image from the web right in the browser.

Is Microsoft turning the Edge web browser into a gas plant? With the many new features the Redmond company has rolled out to its browser in recent months, the question may arise. Microsoft isn't done with Edge yet, though, as it just rolled out an improved zoom feature in the latest stable version of the browser. This allows, using a shortcut, to examine the details of the images displayed on the canvas.

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In addition, Microsoft is also reportedly preparing to integrate two new AI-powered tools: Notebook mode for Edge Copilot and Microsoft Designer.

Magnifying glass for zooming in on images

If you use daily Microsoft Edgeyou may have noticed the arrival of a new option in the context menu when you right-click on an image: Image zoom. By selecting this, the image you just clicked on will automatically open in large format in a floating window. At the bottom right of this window, three buttons allow you to zoom in, zoom out, and return to the original zoom level.

Edge also displays a bubble that says the tip: You can enable Zoom by hovering over an image and pressing Ctrl twice “.

Either on the enlarged image or hovering over the original version on a web page, pressing the Ctrl key twice on the keyboard automatically activates a magnifying glass function. With this, you just need to click on an item to increase the zoom level.

Edge Copilot enhanced with the arrival of Designer and Notepad (Notebook)

The Copilot assistant, already built into Edge, could see the arrival of two new tools. The first, Notebook, provides access to an improved version of Copilot, and notably less limited.

This allows prompts of up to 18,000 characters to be entered (compared to 2000 in the classic version), ideal for creating an extremely detailed description. Until now, this feature was only accessible from the web version of Microsoft Copilot. When available, the Notepad feature will be accessible from the options menu represented by three small dots in Copilot.

You can already try it from Edge Canary (where it is identified by a name whose translation seems dangerous: Laptop). To do this, you will need to right-click on the Edge Canary shortcut and then on Propertiesadd a space after the path indicated in the Target field, and then enter the command --enable-features=msEdgeChatNotebookHeaderIcon.

Edge notebook properties

The second tool that could quickly integrate Edge Copilot is Microsoft Designer. This will be done directly in Edge's current image editor, available by right-clicking on an image and then selecting Image processing.

Microsoft Edge Image editing

Currently, Edge's built-in image editor only allows basic editing. It allows you to crop the image and modify its orientation, make adjustments (brightness, exposure, contrast, etc.), apply filters or even add annotations, before you can save the image.

Microsoft Edge Change current image

However, Microsoft Designer integration should push Edge's image editor into a whole new world. And for good reason, when you choose to edit an image from the right-click context menu, you will no longer see the basic editor, but the full version of Microsoft Designer. You'll be able to use all the editing tools that were already in the basic Edge image editor, but above all you'll have access to Designer's AI-powered editing tools. In addition to adjusting image parameters or applying filters, you can remove or blur the background of the image.

Microsoft Edge Designer

As in the case of Copilot Notepad, it is already possible to test the integration of Microsoft Designer in Edge Canary. To do this, right-click on the Edge Canary shortcut, then in Properties, after the path shown in the Target field, add a space followed by the following directive: --enable-features=msEditImageWithDesigner

Edge Canary Enable Designer

When Edge Canary restarts, right-click an image and select Image processing. The Microsoft Designer image editor should start automatically. We'll probably have to wait a few more weeks to take advantage of these in the stable version of Microsoft Edge, as the rollout date for these new tools is currently unknown.

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