Less than 10€/month for this mobile plan with 130GB of internet, it’s the ultimate dream

In the French telecom landscape, Prixtel is a virtual operator that is very successful. Based in Aix-en-Provence, this MVNO is owned by Altice. Therefore, the mobile plans it offers use the network of the historic operator SFR. Thus, by subscribing to a mobile offer with the latter, you benefit from the same quality and network coverage as the subscribers of the latter.

Right now, Prixtel is offering a very worthwhile plan. Named “Le grand”, this plan allows you to enjoy an internet package ranging from 130GB to 170GB starting at 9.99 euros per month. You also get unlimited calls, SMS, and MMS, as well as 15GB of internet usable from the EU and overseas territories. With no commitment, you are not tied down and can cancel whenever you want.

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Take advantage of the Prixtel “Le grand” plan

The advantage of Prixtel’s plans, including “Le grand”, is that they are flexible and offer a flexibility that is not seen anywhere else. In other words, they can automatically evolve according to your usage, without you having to do anything. In practice, they allow you to get an internet extension for a small extra charge.

In short, Prixtel’s approach is different from that of other operators, who offer a fixed price for an internet package that cannot be extended. In the end, with the latter, whether you use the entire or only half of your plan, you always pay the full price. With Prixtel, it’s the opposite since its flexible plans allow you to make significant savings thanks to their well-thought-out extension system.

“Le grand”, a comprehensive plan for limitless surfing

With its internet package of 130GB usable in France, the “Le grand” plan will allow you to surf the web, watch your movies and series, or listen to your music in streaming, as well as download files without worrying about going over your limit. With such a quantity of data, you have a nice margin for the years to come.

In case you need more, this plan can be increased to 150GB for 11.99 euros per month, and even up to 170GB for 13.99 euros. You don’t have to do anything as Prixtel adjusts your bill every month, according to the amount of internet you use.

Let’s take an example. In March, you use 110GB of internet. You will then be billed 9.99 euros, which is the base rate. In April, your consumption skyrockets and you use 163GB. So you are in the second tier of the plan, and will have to pay 13.99 euros. If you had consumed 142GB, you would have had to pay 11.99 euros. It’s as simple as that. Below, you can see in detail the different tiers of the “Le grand” plan.

Take advantage of the Prixtel “Le grand” plan

In case you don’t need as much internet, or even more, know that Prixtel offers other subscriptions that meet everyone’s needs. You can see on its website, for example, the Oxygène plan, which allows you to get from 80 to 120GB of internet starting at 8.99 euros per month, or the “Le petit” plan which gives you 30GB to 50GB starting from only 6.99 euros per month.

The latest plan called “Le géant” is the only one to offer 5G. It is also the most provided in terms of internet since it offers from 200GB to 250GB of internet for a starting price of 14.99 euros per month. If you are a heavy mobile content consumer, then “Le géant” is the most relevant choice in the range.

You can now check your average monthly consumption by consulting the details of your bill or by going to the settings of your smartphone. You will then know which plan suits you best. No matter which one you choose, it is always without commitment, and their operation, with internet extensions, is identical to that of the “Le grand” plan.

Signing up is simple and quick

Once you have chosen the plan that suits you, just follow the registration steps to order your SIM card and activate your new line. Also, you have the option to request the portability of your current phone number. In this case, you will need to provide your RIO code to Prixtel, which will take care of transferring your line and will also take care of canceling your plan with your old operator if necessary.

To get this famous RIO code, just call 3179 (free call). The process to subscribe to a Prixtel plan takes 5 minutes at most. Note that the operator gives you the choice between a standard SIM card or an eSIM, at a price of 10 euros, which you will need to pay to validate your order. In short, Prixtel plans are the best way to start making real savings. On the SFR network, you are assured of getting the best possible coverage, whether you live in a large city or in a rural area.

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