Layoffs in the video game industry: People Can Fly and Black Forest added to the list | Xbox

You are certainly not unaware that the year 2023 has clearly not been bright for the video game industry, especially due to thousands of layoffs. Unfortunately, 2024 is following the same trend and People Can Fly and Black Forest Games are added to the list.

Below you will find a summary of all the studios that have been affected by layoffs since the beginning of the year. We relied on the work done by Kotaku to make this list, completed by other layoffs that we discovered on our side. We will continue to update the list in the coming months. The different cases of layoffs have been listed in chronological order, so you will find the most recent ones at the bottom of the article. As of January 25, 2024, there are already more than 3800 positions eliminated since the beginning of the year.

List of studios affected by layoffs in 2024

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