It’s official, Xbox will release games on other platforms… but they’re not the ones you’re expecting!

Game News It’s official, Xbox will release games on other platforms … but they are not the ones you expect!

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This evening, Xbox finally spoke about the various rumors that have emerged on the Internet in recent weeks. In their Xbox Business Update, Phil Spencer announced the arrival of several games that were previously exclusive to other platforms. Be warned, they are not the ones you are thinking of!

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Xbox reveals the future of the platform

For just over a week, the internet has been buzzing with very concrete and very credible rumors about some Xbox exclusives that would eventually integrate other platforms like PlayStation 5 or Nintendo Switch. Given the magnitude these leaks and rumors have taken, Phil Spencer (head of Microsoft’s gaming division) had no choice but to address the public. At 9 p.m. this evening, a video was published on the official Xbox YouTube channel in which Phil Spencer, Sarah Bond, and Matt Booty spoke about what the future of Xbox would hold.

In this video, the minds behind Microsoft’s gaming division have made it a point to state the state of the industry and what we can imagine for its future. After reviewing the past 10 years, they came to the conclusion that in the next 5 to 10 years, the number of games that will only be playable on a single platform will drastically decrease until they become true exceptions. According to Phil Spencer, this is already evident today (even Sony is starting to release its exclusives on PC after a certain delay), and he would like Xbox to be an “excellent platform for creators trying to realize this potential.” In this regard, the boss of Xbox has officially announced what everyone already thought: some Xbox and PC exclusives will finally be released on other platforms.

Four exclusive Xbox/PC games will finally be exported elsewhere

The video released by Xbox on their official YouTube channel started very strong as Phil Spencer decided to tackle the topic that was on everyone’s lips: the imminent arrival of Xbox games on other platforms. For a few days, rumors have indeed revealed that some games such as Sea of Thieves, Hi-Fi Rush, Gears of War, or even Starfield could one day arrive on PlayStation or Nintendo Switch. In order to cut short any suspense, Phil Spencer confirmed some elements of this rumor.

Yes, some games will indeed arrive on other platforms than Xbox or PC in the coming months. However, Phil Spencer remained a bit mysterious about the titles of the games in question. Indeed, he only confirmed that four games are concerned, and they are neither Starfield nor Indiana Jones and the Ancient Circle. While he did not want to say more to let the developers of the games in question make their own announcements in due time, he did give some clues that allow for speculation.

These two games will remain exclusives for the moment

C'est officiel, Xbox va sortir des jeux sur d'autres plateformes... mais ce ne sont pas ceux auxquels vous vous attendez !

Indeed, Phil Spencer talked about games that have been released for at least a year and have had some community success. According to him, these are games that were never really designed to remain exclusively on Xbox and PC forever, but rather, they were waiting for them to reach their full potential on these platforms before releasing them to go elsewhere. In doing so, Phil Spencer hopes that these games will enjoy a new life, which could make it possible to produce sequels or simply new games. Better yet, the Xbox boss hopes that by letting players from other platforms discover games originally released on the Microsoft ecosystem, they in turn become attracted to the Redmond firm. This is a strategy that makes sense and should not change Microsoft’s long-term plans.

So it is still too early to know which are the four games that will soon arrive on other platforms, but by crossing the information given by Phil Spencer and those revealed by the rumors, some names at the forefront include Hi-Fi Rush and Pentiment, but one could also think of Sea of Thieves, for example. Of course, there is no doubt that the developers of the games concerned will not delay in making their announcement. It only remains to arm oneself with a little patience.

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