'It Was A Really Stupid Deal', Baldur's Gate 3's Father Is Not Kind To This Big US Company

Game news 'It Was A Really Stupid Deal', Baldur's Gate 3's Father Is Not Kind To This Big US Company

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Stadia is dead, you know it. Larian Studios returns to its partnership with the Google service.

The partnership between Larian Studios and Stadia certainly brought in some money well spent, but looking back… the studio wonders if it was a wise choice.

“A really stupid deal”

When you start a new game, Partnership options can be complicated. Larian Studios had the bitter experience Google Stadia, as revealed by Swen Vincke, founder of the studio, during a conference at the Game Developers Conference. In 2019, the announcement of Baldur's Gate 3 on Stadia looked promisingspecial offer attractive features and one accessibility to computers regardless of their configuration. However, with Stadia shutting down in 2023, Vincke now calls the partnership “really stupid.”

It was a really stupid deal and I should never have done it, but it allowed me to pay for the CGI.

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No DLC for Baldur's Gate 3, it's confirmed

Vinke too confirmed Larian's decision not to produce downloadable content, expansions or sequels for Baldur's Gate 3, despite its massive success. This decision reflects Larian Studios' vision of quality over quantity. Despite repeated requests from players to develop additional content for a game they liked, Larian won't change his mind. The team prefers to focus on new projects, feeling it was more important to wrap up Baldur's Gate 3 well before exploring new horizons.

Wise decisions, time and time again

Larian seems to make good decisions. With Stadia Moneyalthough the group now believes the deal was “stupid”, they was able to develop the wonderful cutscenes that we know. The game benefited from a substantial budget, which allowed it to contain three times as many words as the Lord of the Rings books and cutscenes that, combined, are twice as long as the entire Game of Thrones series ! A monumental game, which the team was able to do the way they wanted thanks to the decisions made upstream. And once again, the decision to The non-production of DLC was also greeted with relief by the team of development, who shared Vincke's sense: we must move on to something else. Right now, Larian Studios succeeds in everything or almostwe have to commend the studio executives for their judicious choices.

Baldur's Gate 3 was released in August 2023.

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