Intel AI in an affordable laptop

AI here, AI that, you should get used to expecting this kind of speech from now on. Indeed, if artificial intelligence was already massively present in our smartphones, the subject finds a prominent place in laptops as well.

Thus, Intel highlights the neural network acceleration component of the Intel Core Ultra 5 processor which is dedicated, as you may have already understood, to artificial intelligence. To offer this type of computer that will become more popular in the future, Medion takes on the challenge of limiting itself to the price of 799 euros, and we will see here if the approach is successful here.

Medion E15443 price and availability

The Medion E15443 is available now for €799 here. It has only one configuration available in France.

Technical characteristics of the Medion E15443

Medion E15443
Screen 15.6″ IPS anti-glare
Processor Intel Core Ultra 5 125H Meteor Lake
PLUNGER 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR5 5600 MHz
Graphics card Intel Arc is built into the processor
Save 512 GB M.2 SSD (NVMe PCIe)
Connections 2 USB 3.2 (Gen1) + 1 USB 2.0 + 1 USB 3.2 Type-C (Gen2), HDMI 1.4, microSD/SDHC/SDXC card reader
Network 6-axis Wi-Fi (2×2, Intel AX203), Bluetooth 5.1
Sound 2 speakers
Battery Li-Ion 3 cells 55Whr 4825mAh
Weight / Dimensions (mm) 1.81 Kg / 359 x 240 x 20.6

Who is Medion?

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Medion, a European company whose products you have probably already seen sold by various big brands such as Aldi. Having experienced quite complicated times until then, Medion has since been bought in 2011 by Lenovo, the German brand returns to the market wanting to offer accessible technological innovations such as artificial intelligence in the Medion E15443 laptop that we are going to test today.

For this, a partnership has been signed with Intel which fully equips this model with an Intel Core Ultra 5 processor, with Arc architecture for the graphics department. In this regard, Medion has received the Intel Evo certification, which therefore meets strict standards that promise a pleasant experience for users, such as the implementation of artificial intelligence in their service.

Relative build quality

If we have to start with a point that is not the most pleasant about the Medion E15443, it is probably the build quality that is its biggest weakness. Made of rough-assembled plastic, we regularly heard it creak when, for example, we physically put our thumb under its shell to use the touchpad.

Its two-point hinge seems to lack a bit of rigidity, perhaps due to the fact that it can be rotated 180°, which isn't very useful for this non-touchscreen laptop. The rather rough sliding of the touchpad will not improve the overall impression of the lack of quality in the materials used. Fortunately, the Medion's chiclet keyboard offers a good typing feel, which is still important for a computer that should be used primarily for office automation and content creation.

Medion E15443 review
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Another point where users might be hesitant about what is however well-intentioned is the privacy switch. This allows you to enable or disable the webcam and microphone at your leisure. Placed on the left side of the computer, it could be confusing for new users who will struggle to understand why the webcam and microphone are not working, which is apparently already the case if the question asked on the Medion community forum is to be believed. Here, we would prefer the solution that many manufacturers have adopted, which is to simply put a physical transparency in front of the camera lens, which makes things easier and enhances the feeling of privacy security.

We note here that Medion has certainly sought to make as many savings as possible in the outer packaging of the E15443 which contains a rather muscular configuration offered by Intel at a price accessible here.

Our daily use

Although we've made some unfortunate choices with the E15443's design, we'll highlight here Medion's decision to include a Micro SD card reader, once again so that content creators on a budget can easily take advantage of the capabilities offered by the computer. On a day-to-day basis, the Medion E15443 makes up for its weaknesses by offering a quality user experience, especially for telecommuting.

As promised by the Intel Evo standard, the computer launches quickly and the cooling is highly efficient to the point where you can use it without a problem while holding it in your lap despite intensive use. For the pleasure of our ears, the Medion computer uses a particularly quiet fan. As part of our testing, we have office use, with word processing, web browsing, video streaming and then photo editing in Photoshop.

The Medion E15443 never faced any problems during daily use, making it a good partner for everyday use.

There's still one point that particularly bothered us in our current use, and that's the requirement to use an AC DC power charger, a standard we hadn't seen or used in years.

Not offering USB-C cable charging in 2024 still means we're taking a big step backwards, forcing the user to carry around an archaic charger when almost all devices now offer a single format, and therefore only one charger.

In terms of picture and sound, what does it look like?

The 15.6-inch IPS panel equipping the E15443 offers a matte effect that helps avoid sun reflections as much as possible. However, it will be difficult to work outdoors or in a particularly bright place, as the screen offers a somewhat weak brightness even at maximum level.

Medion E15443 review
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If the colorimetry is quite far from reality, we will nevertheless appreciate the contrast offered by the IPS panel, as well as its significant viewing angles, as you would expect from this type of panel. With a refresh rate of no more than 60 Hz, the Medion PC is not part of the brand's Erazer gaming series and is not meant to deliver exceptional gaming performance.

As for the sound offered by the laptop, it is equipped with two speakers which provide an experience you would expect for a computer at this price. The experience could have been better if the speaker grills weren't facing down, which isn't ideal when the computer is on a desk, and even less so when it's on a lap. Hence, we would prefer to prefer the headphone jack available on the right edge.

Overall, the Medion PC doesn't do too badly, it's quite versatile and will suit many.

Rather high autonomy for reduced battery size

The Medion PC is equipped with a 55 Whr battery, which by current industry standards is rather reasonable. This is where the interest of artificial intelligence will be felt, with rather low consumption in office use.

In our tests, we kept the screen brightness at maximum to get an average of 7 hours of use, which should be enough for most users in a working day without needing to recharge the device.

Knowing that according to our tests it takes at least 1 hour and 40 minutes of charging to get from 10 to 100% of the battery, convincing autonomy was indeed necessary.

So what about Artificial Intelligence?

Medion E15443 review
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The Medion laptop is one of the first to have the specific Copilot button that we've dedicated an article to explaining what it's for here.

To make it short, the key will be used during the next Windows update to call the assistant developed by Microsoft that uses artificial intelligence. In the meantime, the key isn't very useful, and only time will tell if it was legitimate on MS's part to force this new key on a keyboard that has changed little in decades.

Medion E15443 review
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Since Intel promised us that the use of artificial intelligence would be completely invisible to the user, it is obviously very difficult for us to test the functionality offered by the neural network acceleration element of the Intel Core Ultra 5 processor.

The idea here is to perform AI-related tasks faster, which will become especially useful as software offers such capabilities. In the meantime, we can see the optimization of autonomy thanks to artificial intelligence, given the size of the Medion E15443 battery for even prolonged use.

Our opinion on the Medion E15443

Medion E15443 review
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Intel Evo certified, the Medion E15443 has a respectable configuration for the asking price. It will be particularly suitable for office work, as it offers a digital keyboard as well as golden silence even with intensive use.

Having convincing battery life, we will however criticize it for its inability to charge using a USB-C port, which would be a real advantage and which is nevertheless standard at the moment. Additionally, you should be extra careful with the Medion E15443, as its build quality doesn't live up to the asking price here.

Medion E15443

Finally, right now it's hard to see what the point of having an AI-enhanced computer is. So buying E15443 now is also betting on the future of a mass arrival of this type of need.

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Medion E15443


Medion E15443 review





Love me

  • Its autonomy is maintained by AI
  • Its technology is future-oriented

We like it less

  • Build quality needs to be reviewed
  • Weak maximum screen brightness
  • No USB-C charging

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