Innovations in the hotel industry: robotics, digitization and artificial intelligence

The Food Hotel Tech exhibition taking place on April 3rd and 4th in Paris is an opportunity to discover the wave of innovation in the field, robots, digitization and artificial intelligence leading the way in welcoming and serving customers of all nationalities. The exhibition gathers 200 exhibitors, including more than 50 startups, and becomes the largest innovation exhibition for CHR (Cafés Hotels Restaurants) in France April 3 and 4.

Instant translation in 84 languages

We will refer to direct translators as “Pocket Talk” for direct communication in 84 languages, digital menus in 65 languages ​​to welcome foreign customers during the next Olympic Games in Paris with Teops. As for server robots, they become staff companions preventing them from carrying heavy loads.

Other developments include fast and secure check-in solutions (online) and virtual keys that provide access to the hotel and its room at any time with TabHotel. Improving customer relations is a guideline. Lounge UP for example, it aims to streamline the entire customer journey whether it is online check-in and check-out, service order, mobile phone key, concierge or tour guide via e-mail, chat, SMS, WhatsApp and Messenger.

Digital technology is also taking over digital welcome brochures. So it's about Bowo, in 3rd placeu best guest app in the world in 2023 or Get Welcome which makes it easy to upsell and communicate with customers. Tipy's digital brochure is even paired with a virtual accommodation advisor with tourist suggestions that answers travelers' questions in natural language.

Robot charging port

When it comes to robots, we notice Plato from United Robotics Group, designed in Paris and built in Normandy. Plato's goal is to automate tedious, repetitive transportation and transport tasks to improve the quality of life for staff in restaurants, hotels and stores. Plato adapts to workplace movements and has high-precision mobility with obstacle avoidance, real-time response and clear directional cues. Its behavior is dictated by voice command or tablet.

Also present at the show, Jobotto stands out by offering a wide range of service robots. The company offers complementary services to ensure that its customers get the most out of the products. Services include sales and rental of autonomous robots, as well as delivery, configuration, customization, training and maintenance solutions. Jobotto is present at every stage of the process to help companies integrate these technologies and optimize their use.

With the same goal of helping hotel and restaurant staff, Cyborg Robotics presents its robots and advanced automation solutions. On the innovation side, we observe ipsum tek which is developing ONYRO, a new generation of robots fully autonomous designed to augment and support staff in hotels and restaurants.

The PUDU line of robots is distributed by Jobotto

Animation of events

Eventbot will also be present. Specializing in traditional catering and catering, it offers event, trade show and evening organizers the opportunity to integrate robots into their reception, catering and clearing service support systems. Eventbot participated in about thirty events in its first year of operation. He was also able to carry out advertising campaigns, attract customers to the retail trade or hold award ceremonies on stage.

When it comes to innovative devices, French D-Tech monitors bed bugs. It offers hotels connected bed bug detectors (“Pods”) from 2022. The pods warn of the arrival of a bed bug in the facility. In practice, bed bugs are attracted to the detector using a natural pheromone.

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Once the insects are trapped, a photo is taken to verify, using artificial intelligence, if they are indeed bed bugs. If confirmed, an email notification is sent with the room number. This way, facilities are warned before their customers are bitten and before a mass infestation is difficult to deal with.

Optimize food inventory management

We note the presence of Inpulse which convinces many restaurant chains by optimizing their supply chain. It is positioned as an AI solution that helps restaurant chains optimize their material costs. Since 2018, Inpulse has offered to evolve inventory management and supplier orders from restaurants, corners and bakeries.

Inpulse boasts more than 1,500 outlets, including Pitaya, Columbus Café and Franks Hot Dog, and reports that they earn up to 5 margin points on raw material costs. Finally, we find a reinvention of a classic physical device at the hotel reception, connected concierge services that make it possible to welcome the customer from the first seconds. Concierge Bell connected counter bell allows you to notify the arrival of customers by 3 different means: smartphone, tablet or watch notification. the light signal (with a rotating beacon or lamp) or with a voice message (speaker or TV screen).

The voice function makes it possible to keep the customer on hold by broadcasting a welcome voice message and even with the intercom function to communicate with the customer remotely. New for 2024: the call button for umbrellas!

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