How to import photos from iPhone to computer?

You wish save your memories to your computer THE free up space on your iPhone ? Don't know how to do it without taking too much time? In this article, we introduce you many methods of transportation each with advantages and disadvantages. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

1. Summary table of advantages and disadvantages of each method presented

Methods Benefits Disadvantages
USB cable ● No internet connection required

● Immediate and reliable transport

● Photos are transferred in a single batch, not organized into albums.

● No photo viewing on a Windows computer.

AnyTrans ● Selective data management

● Quality is maintained

● Fast transfer

● Support for various formats

● Software dependency.

● Potential cost: Access to all features of AnyTrans may require purchase.

iCloud ● Wireless transmission

● Ability to automatically back up and sync photos between devices.

● It is not possible to download all your photos in one click.

● Upload is limited to 1000 photos at a time.

● Free storage limited to 5 GB.

e-mail ● Accessible and easy to use for some photos.

● Wireless transmission.

● Attachment size limit, which can limit the number of photos uploaded.
iTunes ● Transfer all photos or a selection.

● Precise control of photos to be transferred.

● Does not require internet connection.

● Requires USB cable.

● Complex interface for some users.

2. Why can't you put photos from your iPhone to your computer?

There are several reasons why transferring photos from iPhone to your computer can be difficult:

  • Connection problems : Your computer may not recognize your iPhone due to a damaged USB cable or faulty USB ports.
  • Enable iCloud Photo Library : If you have “Optimize iPhone Storage” enabled, your photos may be saved in a reduced size on your device with the original images in iCloud. This can prevent you from directly transferring photos from iPhone to computer.
  • Transferring a very large volume of photos : Transferring a large number of photos can take time, especially if you use a slow transfer method.
  • Update issues : Not running updates on your computer or iPhone may cause functional issues, including difficulty transferring photos.

3. How to make computer recognize iPhone?

If your computer doesn't detect your iPhone when it's turned on and connected, it should show up in Finder, iTunes, or the Apple Devices app. If not, follow these steps:

  • On a computer, find your device in iTunes or the Apple Devices app. Also make sure your iPhone makes a sound or vibrates when connected to your computer to see if it's charging. If not, debris may block the charging port, making it difficult to connect. Try using a different USB port, cable or computer if necessary.
  • Software update on all your devices including iPhone, Windows PC and Sometimes restarting your devices can also resolve connectivity issues.
  • On Windows, be sure to do soallow the connection from your device when prompted. If you see the message Do you trust this computer? appears, press Confidence to create the connection. If you're having problems, reset the location and privacy settings on your iPhone.

4. 1st method: Import your photos from iPhone to computer with USB cable

Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable, then authorize this computer from your iPhone by clicking “Trust this computer”.

Then choose Import images and videos to back up iPhone photos to your computer.

This is the most used method. However, your photos will be transferred “in bulk” and will not be sorted into albums. Additionally, you won't be able to view your photos on your Windows PC because the photos are in HEIC or Live Photos format.

5. 2nd method: Use AnyTrans software

AnyTrans is a software designed for iOS data management, allowing you to selectively import photos from your iPhone to Windows 7/8/10 PC.

This method does not change the quality of the images. THE the transfer is very fast no restrictions on transferred photos. Supports practices all kinds of photos (HEIC, JPG, Live Photos, GIF, etc.) with the ability to convert them to the format compatible with your computer.

To use AnyTrans, just download the software and install it. Then, when everything is in order, you can proceed with the following steps:

1. Then launch the software on your computer connect your iPhone. Then click on the menu icon at the top right go to transport settings. Configure transport settings for photos and select location export.

Use AnyTrans software

2. Choose a category Pictures.

Use AnyTrans software

3. Select the photos you want to transfer, then click TRANSPORT to start the process.

Use AnyTrans software

4. Once the transfer is complete, you can find your photos on your computer, organized into different folders for easier navigation.

Photos on the computer

If you prefer to transfer everything from your iPhone to your computer with a single click, you can choose “ Content on computer » in AnyTrans main interface and then click To continue.

Use AnyTrans software

6. 3rd method: Transfer your photos to iCloud

download is limited to 1000 photos at a time. free storage only 5 GB

To transfer your photos to iCloud, you must first sync or back up your photos using iCloud on your iPhone. For this :

1. On your iPhone, go to Settingsand then click iCloud.

2. Activate the option iCloud Photo Library.

3. Once your device is connected to Wi-Fi, your photos will sync automatically in your iCloud library.

Apple iCloud Photos

4. Then you can download photos backed up in iCloud to your computer by following these steps:

    • Meeting on com from your computer and sign in with your Apple ID and password.
    • Click on the option Pictures.
    • Select the photos you want to upload and then click download to transfer them to your computer.

iPhone Photos in iCloud

You can also use this same method with other services like Dropbox or Google Drive to back up your iPhone photos and transfer them to your computer. However, as with iCloud, theFree storage is limited to 5 GBwhich may require you to sign up for a paid subscription to get more space.

7. 4th method: Import your iPhone photos to computer with Mail app

To transfer some photos from your iPhone to your computer without using a cable, a convenient method is to send them via email. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Open the application e-mail on your iPhone.
  • I'm creating one New Email by clicking on the special icon, which will open a new page.
  • Then click Attach a file and browse your photo gallery to select the images you want to transfer.
  • In the recipient email field, type yours email adress (the one you use on your computer) and then click the icon Send (representing an arrow).
  • Then you will find photos are sent to your inboxyou can then download them to your computer.

This method is however time consuming, it is possible transfer only 5 photos at a time. If you have large amounts of photos to transfer, this method will not be suitable.

8. 5th method: Transfer your photos from iPhone to computer using iTunes

To transfer photos from your iPhone to your computer using iTunes, follow these steps:

  • Make sure you have it latest version of iTunes installed on your computer.
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable. If iTunes does not open automatically, launch it manually.
  • In iTunes, click on your device iconlocated in the menu bar at the top left of the window.
  • In the left pane, select Pictures.
  • Select the box Sync photos from and select the application or folder containing the photos you want to transfer to your computer. You can also choose All photos and videos if you want to transfer your entire photo library.
  • Then select it sync options according to your preferences, such as albums, folders, etc.
  • After making your selections, click the button Apply THE Synchronize at the bottom of the window to start transferring photos from your iPhone to your computer.
  • Wait for the synchronization to complete. You will be able to find your photos on your computer in the folder or application that you selected to sync.


In conclusion, there is Multiple methods to transfer your photos from iPhone to computer. The choice of method will depend on amount of photos to be transported, as well as Additional features where are you looking for It is important to choose the one that best meets your needs.

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