Honor Sales: Exclusive Offers on the Brand’s Smartphones

Since Wednesday, January 10th, the winter sales 2024 have been launched on the official Honor website. They will end on Tuesday, February 6th in the evening. The Chinese brand, a subsidiary of Huawei, is internationally recognized for the excellent value for money of its high-tech devices. Thus, for 4 weeks, flash sales and promotions will succeed each other on many products: mobile phones, tablets, Bluetooth headphones, computers, smartwatches, etc. While the end-of-year holidays have just ended, generating their share of expenses, the Honor sales represent an unmissable opportunity to regain purchasing power. If you received Christmas money, don’t miss this opportunity to treat yourself by taking advantage of the best prices. As smartphones are among the most sought after devices during Honor sales, we have selected for you 6 great deals that deserve a closer look…

The deals not to be missed during the Honor sales

If you want to take advantage of the Honor sales to change your smartphone, our teams have identified 6 devices currently at the heart of exclusive offers.

The latest offering from the brand, the Magic 6 Lite is at a great price during the Honor sales

Released just a few days ago, the Magic 6 Lite currently benefits from a unique introductory offer. If you order it during the Honor sales and you are a member of the brand’s loyalty program, you will receive a coupon worth 100 euros and the Honor Choice Airbuds X5 wireless earbuds. With its 6.78-inch Amoled display, with a bright and vibrant display, this smartphone is ideal for gaming and watching videos. Its 5,300 mAh battery gives it a autonomy of up to 48 hours.

Click here to take advantage of the Honor offer on the Magic 6 Lite smartphone

The Magic 5 Pro at an unbeatable price during the Honor sales

Among the high-end smartphones of the brand, the Magic 5 Pro sees its price drop drastically during the Honor sales. Characterized by the presence of a 6.81-inch Oled screen with slightly curved edges (with a refresh rate of 2160 Hz), this device is a true concentrate of technologies. It also features the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor and is compatible with Wifi 6. To allow you to take professional quality photos, the Honor Magic 5 Pro integrates 3 photo sensors: a 50 Mpx wide angle, a 50 Mpx ultra wide angle camera, and a 50 Mpx periscopic camera.

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Honor sales, the Magic 5 Lite at an unprecedented price

Measuring only 7.90mm thick, this affordably priced smartphone during the Honor sales has the latest features developed by the brand. Thus, its long-lasting 5100mAh battery gives it a record autonomy (up to two days) and it is compatible with fast charging. Among the best sellers of 2023, the Magic 5 Lite 5G has a 6.67-inch Amoled display capable of displaying 1.07 billion colors (with a refresh rate of 120 Hz). It also features an under-display fingerprint reader.

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One of Honor’s most popular smartphones at a discounted price during the sales

Praised by its users for its ergonomics and performance, the Honor 90 is a versatile mid-range smartphone. Its 6.7-inch screen (with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 px) has a refresh rate of 3840 Hz, a real record. Ideal for remote work, this smartphone allows multi-screen collaboration: this exclusive functionality allows your smartphone and computer to communicate without having to download applications again. If you are a mobile gamer, the Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 Accelerated Edition processor equipped in the device will allow you to play under optimal conditions.

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Sales on the Honor 90 Lite, a smartphone that combines low price and high performance

If you have a limited budget for buying your smartphone, this device is a very wise choice, especially as it is offered at an unprecedented price during the Honor sales. To allow you to watch your favorite series or play in good conditions, it has a bezel-less 6.7-inch screen, and a comfort mode for the eyes. The Honor 90 Lite has a main 100 Mpx camera and allows multi-screen collaboration. It is currently offered at a great price on the official site during the Honor sales.

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The X7a sees its price drop significantly during the Honor sales

As an entry-level device from the brand, this smartphone is nonetheless a quality device. It is compatible with Honor SuperCharge chargers (22.5 watts) and has a 5330 mAh battery that gives it an excellent autonomy. Its 6.74-inch display (with a refresh rate of 90 Hz) ensures perfectly smooth display. To immortalize your memories, it has a 50 Mpx camera and a large storage capacity (128 GB).

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