He uses his iPhone in the toilet and risks a very large fine

Court documents from a dispute between Apple and a former employee reveal disturbing facts. The man, suspected of passing confidential information about the company and its future projects to the press, would be confronted his superiors before retreating to the bathroom to delete data stored on his iPhone. The attacker allegedly used the encrypted messaging app Signal to correspond with the Wall Street Journal. The media, which is widely watched across the Atlantic and around the world, would then have received secret data about the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset and the Journal app announced at the last Worldwide Developers Conference.

According to the report of the court that has taken over the case, the accused faces a fine of 25,000 dollars. Specifically, he allegedly violated the confidentiality clauses of his contract with Apple. Which makes sense, given that we've known for some time that Apple tries to keep its products and software secret before their official announcement. After all, Cupertino has already parted ways with his former employee. The company is also seeking to recoup stock options offered in the latter, not to mention significant damage charges.

What is a “Journal”?

Journal is a brand new native app for iPhone and iPad that was unveiled last June and has been available for a few months. It is, as its name suggests, a species virtual calendar whose data is stored locally to provide greater security to users. Specifically linked to Apple Photos or Apple Music, the platform allows you to report your actions of the day: titles listened to, places visited, etc. You can also write private notes, which, for some mental health experts, helps reduce stress or even anxiety.

With Journal, available since iOS 17, mobile users also have the ability to add voice notes to their history. However, since the launch of this new service, Apple has not shared exact usage statistics. But the app is able to send regular notifications to the iPhone to remind its owner to remember to write down their thoughts for the day.

Apple Vision Pro: a handset under close scrutiny for nearly ten years

The Apple Vision Pro, on the other hand, was already mentioned in many rumors long before its release. Mixed reality headsets had already appeared inside patents filed by Apple since the 2010s, but this time it was necessarily public information. More than five thousand such documents have yet been published with the USPTO. institution responsible for validating patents to protect the intellectual property of companies, in the United States (equivalent to INPI in France).

Apple's mixed reality headset comes with two screens 4K manufactured by Sony and powered by at least two proprietary processors. THE M2dedicated to overall performance, and the R1, which specializes in augmented reality. Several internal storage options are offered to buyers, with prices starting at $3,499 at Uncle Sam. The corresponding price has not yet been revealed for mainland France, but it could be around four thousand euros.

It's been rumored for a few weeks now that another Apple Vision headset could be in the works. This model would be more affordable, more comfortable but less powerful. Despite everything, the display quality would remain top notch. Here again, Apple is trying its best to keep this future device a secret, but Ming-Chi Kuo already had access to information about it. This is one of the most reliable analysts among those who are capable of becoming the future of the manufacturer.

  • Former Apple employee sued for leaking confidential company information
  • He faces a fine of up to $25,000.
  • The information was about Vision Pro and the iOS 17 Journal app
i-nfo.fr - Official iPhone.fr application
i-nfo.fr – Official iPhone.fr application

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