G2 Esports destroys GiantX in this first round of the LEC Winter Split playoffs

The opening day of the LEC Winter Split 2024 playoffs continued with the Bo3 matching G2 Esports against GiantX, a match that turned into a true display of strength. Caps and his team dominated the series, securing a 2-0 victory and ensuring their passage to the next round of the competition.

G2 Esports, several levels above

The LEC Winter Split enters its crucial phase with the start of the playoffs and the Round 1 of the Upper Bracket. This Saturday, February 3, after a first colorful match between Team BDS and Team Heretics, the day continues with a second major confrontation. As a reminder, the two remaining matches of Round 1 Upper Bracket will take place the following day, Sunday, February 4, promising a weekend rich in high-level competition. The second match of the day pits G2 Esports against GiantX in a Bo3 series. The winner will advance to the second round of the playoffs to face the winner of the duel between MAD Lions KOI and Fnatic. The loser, on the other hand, will be relegated to the Losers’ Bracket, where they will have to face the loser of the same match, keeping their chances of continuing in the competition alive. This match is therefore a decisive moment for both teams, each aiming to prove their worth and continue their quest for the title.

G2 Esports, which dominated the regular season by finishing first with seven wins and two losses, is the clear favorite not only for this match, but also to win the title. The team proved their strength throughout the regular season with exceptional performances. In contrast, GiantX, who finished eighth in the regular season with four wins in nine matches, does not come in a position of strength. Qualifying narrowly for the playoffs, the team showed signs of weakness, including a lack of organization and sometimes inconsistent strategy, which could cost them dearly against an opponent of the stature of G2 Esports.

Game 1

The Summoner’s Rift hosts the first match of this Bo3, where GiantX quickly scores first blood after a slight misstep by Yike during a midlane gank. The Spanish team reinforces its promising start by capturing the first dragon of the game, and increases its lead with two additional kills during a skirmish in the midlane shortly after. In this first fifteen minutes, Yike seems to be struggling, slightly affecting G2 Esports’ initial performance, as they are somewhat behind, especially in terms of dragons. Approaching the 20th minute, G2 Esports finds its rhythm and manages to dominate a crucial teamfight in the midlane, opening the way to secure their first dragon of the game.

G2 Esports accelerates the game, with Caps and his teammates demonstrating their expertise in team fights by accumulating eliminations easily. They secure the first Baron of the game before the 25th minute, although some disorganization briefly places them at a disadvantage. Regardless, they manage to minimize the negative consequences of this confrontation. Opting for a strategic slowdown of the game, G2 Esports meticulously orchestrates their next offensive. Faced with an attempt by GiantX to contest the Dragon, G2 Esports reacts with a swift counterattack, neutralizing their rivals and capturing both the Dragon and the Baron. Strengthened by the Baron buff, they redouble their efforts, infiltrating GiantX’s base with fearsome efficiency to finish this first match brilliantly. Caps stands out particularly, with an impressive KDA of 10/0/9.

Game 2

In the second match, G2 Esports quickly takes the initiative by successfully ganking in the toplane, securing the first blood. Barely five minutes into the game, G2 already has a 1k gold lead. The early game is favorable to G2, with each lane taking the advantage in terms of farm and aggressiveness. As the minutes pass, the gold lead continues to gradually widen. The game turns into a true demonstration of G2’s superiority even before reaching the quarter-hour mark. Caps and his team give a real lesson in League of Legends to their opponents, who seem lost and without a response to the constant pressure. At 17 minutes into the game, G2 has built an impressive 10k gold lead and has secured three dragons, asserting their dominance unquestionably in this second match.

After 20 minutes of play, G2 Esports’ gold lead reaches 14k, with two enemy inhibitors already taken during a successful foray into GiantX’s base. Shortly after, G2 launches a new offensive, causing a veritable slaughter among the Spanish ranks, as GiantX’s players are overwhelmed by the situation. Odoamne and his team find themselves unable to retaliate against G2’s power, as they win overwhelmingly in only 22 minutes of play.

Like its main competitor in the title fight, G2 Esports wins its series with a score of 2-0, demonstrating strong mastery throughout the match.

Program and results of the LEC Winter Split playoffs

Saturday, February 3

  • Finished


    Team Heretics



  • Finished

    G2 Esports




Sunday, February 4

  • 17:00

    SK Gaming

    Team Vitality



  • 20:00

    MAD Lions KOI




Monday, February 5
17:00 : Upper Bracket semi-final #1
20:00: Upper Bracket semi-final #2

Saturday, February 10
17:00: Lower Bracket Round 1 #1
20:00: Lower Bracket Round 1 #2

Sunday, February 11
17:00: Lower Bracket quarter-final #1
20:00: Lower Bracket quarter-final #2

Monday, February 12
17:00: Upper Bracket Final

Friday, February 16
17:00: Lower Bracket semi-final

Saturday, February 17
17:00: Lower Bracket Final

Sunday, February 18
17:00: Grand final

LEC Winter Split playoffs bracket

Upper Bracket

Lower Bracket

1/8 Finale 1/4 Finale 1/2 Finale Finale Vainqueur

Grand final

Finale Vainqueur

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