Fnatic prevails against SK Gaming and continues its journey in the LEC Winter Split playoffs.


        This second weekend of the LEC Winter Split 2024 playoffs ended with a Bo3 clash between Fnatic and SK Gaming. This captivating and full of twists battle, which extended over three games, saw Fnatic triumph with a result of 2-1, securing a place in the next round of the Losers’ Bracket.


Fnatic had the last word

        The rest of the LEC Winter Split 2024 playoffs continues this Monday, February 12 with Round 2 of the Losers’ Bracket, offering two captivating Bo3 confrontations. After the match between Team Vitality and MAD Lions KOI, attention now turns to the second clash of the day: Fnatic vs. SK Gaming. The winner of this crucial Bo3 duel will continue on in the Losers’ Bracket, facing the winner of the previous meeting between Team Vitality and MAD Lions KOI, while the loser will be forced to leave the competition. This confrontation promises to be a decisive moment for both teams, each seeking to prove their resilience and ability to bounce back after initial setbacks.


        Fnatic started their playoffs journey on a positive note, securing a convincing victory against MAD Lions KOI, but faced a major obstacle against G2 Esports in the second round. Throughout the regular season, Fnatic showed notable signs of improvement, especially in their botlane. Against G2, the sometimes overly aggressive approach placed the team in difficult situations, highlighting the need to adjust their strategy. SK Gaming, on the other hand, had a less successful entry into the playoffs, losing to Team Vitality. Descending into the Losers’ Bracket in the first round, they redeemed themselves by dominating a very passive Team Heretics team. Despite a far from flawless performance, SK Gaming was able to rely on Exakick, especially in the third game. In order to move forward, the team will need to rethink and fully exploit its strengths, aiming for an improvement in its level of play.


Game 1


        In the 1st game, Fnatic started strong with a successful aggression in the botlane, securing first blood with a well-orchestrated tower dive. This dynamic start was quickly challenged by SK, who reacted by engaging in a fight for control of the first dragon. Although SK won the fight, they were unable to secure the objective, which was eventually taken by Fnatic later. FNC continued the momentum with another successful botlane tower dive, increasing their lead in kills. At 15 minutes, despite Fnatic’s early actions, the two teams were almost equal in terms of gold, with FNC maintaining a slight advantage thanks to two secured drakes. A crucial teamfight at the 17th minute saw FNC take the lead, strengthening their position in the game. However, the fight for control of the third dragon marked a turning point, with SK Gaming winning the teamfight and securing the objective, gaining a slight advantage.

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