Fixed price and without constraints, here is the non-binding internet box from RED by SFR

At RED by SFR, we focus on simplicity, but always on quality. The internet operator offers only one fiber optic box: the RED box. This commitment-free box allows you to subscribe without constraints, ideal for staying free and changing offers at any time. In addition, its fixed price ensures that the customer always pays the same amount month after month, without any surprises. Here are all the characteristics of this inexpensive box.

### A fixed price and a free month, here is the commitment-free box by RED by SFR

With most internet service providers, the price of offers generally changes after 6 months to 1 year. But at RED by SFR, this is not the case. The price of the inexpensive box remains the same, **at 25.99€/month**, which is 311.88€ per year. At this price, it is undoubtedly one of the cheapest on the market in the long term.

![Box fibre optique RED by SFR](

The RED by SFR box even goes further. For example, in addition to offering a fixed price, **a month is offered for any subscription**. This thus allows even more savings. Moreover, at such a price, many people may fear that this fiber optic box is not powerful enough.

However, when you look at the theoretical speed, it is **500 Mb/s for both download and upload**. This is largely in line with the average and sufficient for typical internet use. In any case, if the customer wants a more powerful speed, the WiFi 6 option is available for that. It is priced at 7€/month and gives access to a speed of 2 Gb/s for download and 700 Mb/s for upload.

To obtain this internet box, it’s very simple. You just need to check your eligibility for the RED by SFR fiber optic network. If the test is positive, a **technician connects the customer’s home at no cost** during a scheduled appointment. For others, it’s even simpler, as they already have a PTO box, and just need to indicate the number on it when subscribing.

**The essentials about the commitment-free RED box:**
– Internet offer at 25.99€/month with no time limit
– One month free
– Speed of 500 Mb/s for both download and upload
– WiFi 6 option at 7€/month
– Fiber optic connection included

### The fixed-price box by RED by SFR even offers a solid TV experience!

The commitment-free box by RED by SFR doesn’t stop there. With its unique price, it also allows you to **enjoy a TV experience**.

![Box sans engagement RED](

This internet box with TV includes no less than 35 television channels. Moreover, for just an additional 2€/month, the **number of available TV channels increases to 100**. This option, like the commitment-free box, can be cancelled without any fees at any time.

Although some customers attach little importance to television, for others, they must have it. Consequently, they want to enjoy it directly on the living room or bedroom screen. With this commitment-free box, it’s possible, as the **Connect TV decoder is available at a low price**: 3€/month. In addition, it offers 4K images, ideal for watching movies and series in the best conditions.

The fiber optic box by RED by SFR even includes benefits in terms of communication. With a landline, the subscriber can make **unlimited calls to landlines in over 100 countries** worldwide, which is practical for those with family abroad. Currently, a free option also allows calls to mobiles in mainland France.

**The key elements of the commitment-free box by RED by SFR:**
– Internet offer with 35 TV channels included
– Fixed price and no commitment
– 100 channels for 2€/month
– TV decoder at 3€/month
– Unlimited calls to landlines in 100 countries worldwide
– Unlimited calls to mobiles in mainland France

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