Fan of video games? Here are 5 board games that you should enjoy!

Fans of creatures, crazy worlds, and other adventures of all kinds? Drop your controller and dive into these epic board games that will keep you occupied for a good chunk of time! Note that I didn’t choose video games adapted into board games, because there are titles like Frostpunk or Sonic. No, here I chose universes and gameplay that should appeal to you!

SideQuest: Nemesis

sidequest nemesis pixie games

It’s an escape game created by the authors of escape tales. It takes place in the universe of the board game Nemesis. Be creative and clever to come out unscathed from this mission. You have been chosen to carry out a special mission: to find out what happened to the ship filled with cargo headed for our Earth. The ship’s AI has some information for you…

It’s a fabulous mix of escape game, dungeon crawler, and role-playing game, but lighter, the variety of puzzles is enjoyable and not too difficult (except for 1 or 2, but we can get through it!) It’s a pure and hard-thinking game as we like it, and the theme of Nemesis is great for video game fans.

Les plus de SideQuest: Nemesis:

  • The 3D format of the game board.
  • The super present and well-introduced theme reminds you of a video game.
  • The originality and variety of puzzles.

Side Quest: Nemesis – from 1 to 6 players – from 10 years old – duration 60 mins – price: 14.50€

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