Esport – Rocket League – Fairy Peak: “I know what it’s like to play at the highest peak of stress”

“Apart from Gamers8, at the end of August, Team Vitality did not compete in any tournaments since their triumph at the Rocket League World Championships. Did that allow you to move on before the return of RLCS this Friday?”
Yanis “Alpha54” Champenois (Team Vitality captain): It’s been four months already, so we’ve had enough time to digest the euphoria of winning. Now, we have our eyes set on the next season. We want to do the back-to-back, we all want to experience that feeling of winning again. When we were at Gamers8, we still had our minds on the Worlds, but now it’s in the past.”

“The period following your victory was still particular, since you learned about the departure of your coach Victor “Ferra” Francal, who was then replaced by Victor “Fairy Peak! “Locquet… How did you experience this?”
Alpha54: Clearly we were a bit surprised. We had a great team cohesion, we had made a historic split (five tournaments won out of five played), we were like the five fingers of a hand with Gauthier (Klauss, the manager) and Ferra. We had to find a new coach, we did some testing and we said that Fairy was the most capable to replace him. For now, we are very happy with him.

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