Esport – Rocket League – Eversax: “We knew what we deserved”

“You weren't the most anticipated team in this Major, everyone put your three European opponents above you. And finally you lift the trophy…
Benjamin “Eversax” Wagner: We knew what we deserved. People see the matches, but not what goes on behind them, all the work we've done. I knew we were coming into this Major with our chances of winning it. I'm very happy, plus we had a perfect round, we only faced big teams… There was no easy round. I'm so proud of the players.

How do you explain this gap between your last two tough qualifiers and what you showed this weekend?
When we created the team, we were aiming for a certain style of play, but we realized that it was very limited and very dependent on the players playing perfectly. We questioned ourselves, completely changed the way we look at the game, our style and worked like crazy for two weeks. Here, pay.

Specifically, what has changed?
(smile) Let's say that we want to control the match much more, to be very solid in defense, managing to punish the opponent's mistakes. On the other hand, when we can attack, we use the feats that players can do. There was no problem of understanding or synergy. We had a really long off-season, we played a lot. I just think we had a bit of a confidence problem. The first regional tournament we lost was tough. And then we were able to rely on the Gentle Mates performance center. We called them before the Major, they helped us a lot. To prepare for races, nutritionally… It made a real difference.

Is there a bit of revenge for you after this title, given your sometimes tumultuous offseason and your departure from Karmine Corp?
Already, I feel no hostility. But of course many people criticized me, Itachi (Amine Benayachi, the captain of Gentle Mates, also arrived from Karmine). I am very happy that we were able to prove it. And then getting a win against KC on our way, that's cool (smile). In the end we beat the top two European seeds, there is nothing to say.

Was he, for you, the most accomplished Major? I feel like seven or eight teams could have won it…
The game is evolving, the teams are working better and better… They have game plans, they are organized, they are prepared, they are better trained, there are more “super teams”, in quotes. Small areas are no more, at least for the Falcons (Saudi Arabia) or Furia (South America), because when we see these teams play we tell ourselves that they could win anywhere. It's good, it raises the overall level and pushes us to be better.

Was it the hardest Major to win?
(Thinks) I think so, because for a long time only Europe played. It was difficult, challenging, there was a real level. All the matches were incredible. I lived our semi-final against Carmine saying to myself: damn, they played really well “. Afterward : ” damn, we played really well “. He played so well the whole time, on both sides (laughs). It was really nice to experience.

You won the final against the American N°1, G2, in what ended up being your easiest match ever. playoffs. Did you have to intervene, though, when they came back from 3-0 down to 3-2?
As we had three Games beforehand, I was quite calm. I think there's just a little fear of winning. We must not forget that Juicy (Charles Sabiani) it is one rookie at this level, it was his first major final. At the end of the fifth, we were down 4-0, but we scored two goals while playing really well. I preferred not to take a vacation to let it go momentum. The next part was perfect.

You won a Major with Karmine, you won another with Gentle Mates… What does that mean to you?
It's nice, because they trusted us. As in Karmine, it's incredible to have your bosses so present behind you. They call us, we talk a lot, we play with them sometimes… There is a pleasure that surpasses us. We are happy for us, but not only. The fans came, they were able to celebrate with us, it makes the players happy, it puts us in a good mood. »

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