Download Hiren’s BootCD for Free for PC

A bootable USB key containing all the necessary tools to get out of trouble with a PC and more: this is what the brand new version of Hiren’s BootCD offers, still free and compatible with Windows 10 and 11.

The name Hiren’s BootCD probably means nothing to the youngest among you, but it is very likely that those who have been interested in the world of computers for more than two decades – and especially in everything related to Windows – shed a tear upon learning of the great comeback of this tool. Hiren’s BootCD is nothing more than a huge free toolset to solve a multitude of problems and optimize the Microsoft system. Its first version dates back to the early 2000s – version 5.0 was released in 2004. A lifetime ago. At the time, all the tools were gathered on a bootable CD in order to be able to start the computer even in the event of a serious problem. Over the years, Hiren’s BootCD has gone in all directions, including unlocking paid software thus crossing the border of legality before falling into the annals of the history of computing. But not for everyone, as the tool has been taken over and redeveloped by a team of enthusiasts. They have worked to give the concept a serious refresh.


First, as CD or DVD drives have almost disappeared from PCs, Hiren’s BootCD now takes place on a USB key. Then, in order to start the key, the utility relies on Windows PE. This is a minimalistic, free, and ultra-light pre-installation version of Windows 64 Bits, sufficient to start a PC and accommodate UEFI. Finally, Hiren’s Boot CD has of course rid itself of all “cracked” software and now only contains official tools. “Hiren’s BootCD is designed for modern computers, ensuring that it remains free of malicious and pirated software, containing only free, safe, and legal applications,” the Hiren team states on its website.

What tools are provided by Hiren’s BootCD?

Brought up to date with software generally available in their latest versions, Hiren’s BootCD remains rich and contains a very large number of tools to help Windows PC users in almost all situations. Nearly 70 software are grouped together. Among them, well-known names such as Recuva for recovering accidentally deleted files, EaseUS Partition Master for managing partitions, but also Eset Online scanner for checking for viruses or other practical tools such as 7-Zip, VLC, Rufus, and even Chrome for example. In total, nearly 3 GB of software is provided and included for free on Hiren’s BootCD. To create a bootable USB key with Hiren’s BootCD, you can use the Rufus tool in the same way as for creating a Windows boot key as we describe in our manual. Here is the complete list of utilities and other software included in Hiren’s BootCD.

Boot Management

  • BootIce v1.3.3
  • EasyBCD v2.3

Data Recovery

  • CheckDisk GUI v0.3.1
  • Lazesoft Data Recovery v4.7
  • Puran Data Recovery v1.2.1
  • Puran File Recovery v1.2.1
  • Recuva v1.53.2096
  • DMDE v4.0.6
  • ReclaiMe build 4571
  • PhotoRec v7.2
  • Unstoppable Copier v5.2

Disks Defragmentation

  • Defraggler v2.22.33.995
  • Disk Diagnostics
  • GSmartControl v1.1.4
  • HDDScan v4.1
  • HDTune v2.55
  • WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostics v1.37
  • Crystal Disk Info v9.2.2
  • Test Disk v7.2

Disks Images

  • Acronis Cyber Protect b40901
  • AOMEI Backupper v6.5.1
  • Lazesoft Disk Image & Clone v4.7
  • Macrium Reflect PE v7.3.5925
  • Runtime DriveImage XML v2.60

Disks Partitioning

  • AOMEI Partition Assistant v10.2.2
  • Macrorit Partition Extender v2.3.1
  • Macrorit Partition Expert v8.1.3
  • DiskGenius v5.5.1.1508
  • EaseUS Partition Master v14.5

Secure Formatting

  • HDD Low Level Format Tool v4.40
  • Eraser v6.2.0.2993

Windows Recovery

  • Lazesoft Windows Recovery v4.7

Removable Storage Management

  • CDBurnerXP v4.5.8.7128
  • Rufus v4.4


  • ESET Online Scanner v3.5.6
  • McAfee Stinger v13.0.0.19

Serial Numbers Management

  • ShowKeyPlus v1.0.7060

Password Management

  • Lazesoft Password Recovery v4.7
  • NT Password Edit v0.7
  • Windows Login Unlocker v2.1

System Tools

  • CPU-Z v2.09
  • GPU-Z v2.57
  • HWInfo v7.68-5300
  • Speccy v1.32.803
  • WinNTSetup v5.3.3
  • Attribute Changer v10.0
  • Change Keyboard Layout v1.0.0
  • Dependency Walker v2.2.6
  • Registry Backup v4.0.0
  • Regshot v2.0.1.70
  • SysInternals Suite
  • PowerShell Core v7.4.1

Network Tools

  • Aero Admin v4.7
  • Chrome v120.0.6099.217
  • Mozilla Firefox Quantum ESR v115.3.1esr
  • PENetwork v0.59.0.B12
  • Anydesk 7.1.13

Other Miscellaneous Tools

  • FSViewer v7.8
  • Free Office rev 703
  • Sumatra PDF v3.5.2
  • 7-Zip v23.01
  • ExamDiff Pro v1.9.3
  • HxD v2.5.0
  • Notepad++ v8.6.2
  • WinMerge v2.16.36
  • VLC Media Player v3.0.20

How to use Hiren’s BootCD PE?

The file you have downloaded is a disk “image” in ISO format. You can open it directly in Windows Explorer, as if it were a hard disk or a classic removable media (see our practical sheet) to launch utilities directly. But it is still best to copy it to a USB key – a 4 GB capacity model is sufficient – in order to be able to start a PC with it, which is very practical on a computer that is not working, when Windows does not want to start. The ideal way to do this is to use Rufus, one of the included tools. The Hiren team also indicates the procedure on its site. In English, certainly, but there is nothing complicated for those used to it. Keep this key handy: it will be useful the day you have a problem with your PC!

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