Does Solo Leveling Video Game Live Up To Anime? I played it and it smells really good!

Game news Solo Leveling Video Game Lives Up To The Anime? I played it and it smells really good!

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After the success of the webtoon, Solo Leveling is not done talking about it. While the anime recently came to an end, the universe created by Chu-Gong will be adapted again, this time into a video game for PC and mobile devices. We got to play Solo Leveling Arise ahead of its release in May and here's what we thought.

Three years after the end of the webtoon, what if 2024 was the year of Solo Leveling? Originally, these were novels written by Chugong which experienced a real explosion in popularity with the webtoon version. Since then, Solo Leveling has become a cult hit, meaning that the anime adaptation that came out earlier this year has been eagerly awaited. and met with great success. Well, it's not going to stop, since The following May, Netmarble decided to release the video game adaptation of Solo Leveling, namely Solo Leveling: Arise. More than a month before its release here, we were able to try out this free-to-play Action-RPG and here's what we thought of it.

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A thousand and one ways to play Sung Jin-Woo?

Without many surprises, Solo Leveling Arise first invites us back to the events of the webtoon and even offers boxes in its scripted moments. So we will follow Sung Jin-Woo's quest for power thanks to the powers he gained in the dungeon where he died. In story mode, Therefore, we embody our hero through a highly dynamic 3D action game. In addition to a basic attack button, several skills are at our disposal, be it a skill linked to our weapon, a counter or even an ult. And then the title requires you to be reactive thanks to dodge mechanics that allow you to benefit from a bonus if you dodge at the last second.

To all this was added a staging of attacks and spectacular iconic moments, and here we have a free-to-play game for PC and mobile with a neat production value that honors the base material. A conclusion that is not surprising when we know that the title was developed by Netmarble, a Korean studio famous for Marvel Future Fight or The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross. Besides, if you're playing on PC, we suggest you enjoy it with a controller. Secondly, we also find recurring flaws in the editor's productions, such as tons of menus, notifications in all directions and especially the levels that are very short (except the endgame) that are over in minutes. All of this really takes time to adjust to.

Beyond his clean play, Solo Leveling Arise also offers some variety in its character preparation. Obviously, we initially play as Sung Jin-Woo who will be able to change classes very quickly, which gives him access to gameplay different from the one at the beginning of the game. This is even more true when we collect other weapons for our hero, which offers a new basic attack, as well as special skills. Added to it are runes that allow you to modify abilities and we can already imagine the build possibilities the game will offer in the long run. Despite the diversity, we still face repetitive action games, especially in this kind of experience where we always do the same thing. Fortunately, then, it remains satisfactory, but also that it can be differentiated thanks to a certain element.

Solo Leveling, a gacha with neat production-value

Whether in the novels, webtoon, or anime, Sung Jin-Woo is obviously at the center of the action, which doesn't always leave room for other characters. Solo Leveling Arise understands this well because of this Our hero has a menu dedicated to him, while the other Hunters have their own, because yes, they are actually playable! When playing as Sung Jin-Woo, they only serve as assistants that you can call upon at any time. On the other hand, in the missions dedicated to them, they benefit from their own gameplay, which offers variety to the game. All of this is reassuring for the future of the title in terms of gameplaybut specifically, what are we doing in the game?

Solo Leveling Video Game Lives Up To The Anime?  I played it and it smells really good!

At the heart of Solo Leveling Arise, we obviously find the story that allows you to relive the events of the original work, but not only. We also get clips where we play characters other than Sung Jin-Woo, who brings a different perspective on things. From there, we find specific quests in dungeons, battle rounds, timelines to relive the past of certain characters… In short, a whole variety of activities typical of a gacha that invites us to play, but with special conditions each time. Obviously, to progress more easily, we are encouraged to invoke the banners to recover both the characters and the rarer weapons Sung Jin-Woowhich makes up the entire economy of the game, aside from its battle pass.

As for knowing how much you'll need to invest in the title to get the most out of it, you'll have to wait until you can play it long-term to judge. In each case, to last the passage of time, the Korean studio has already introduced a new character in the game, which we have never seen in the original work, just like it did for The Seven Deadly Sins in the past. So we can be sure that Solo Leveling Arise has exclusive content planned to continue if it's a hit with the public. So please answer from the month of May when the title is available to everyone.

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