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What are the best ones? internet box with free Disney+ ? Free and SFR present their current offers, with several interesting advantages. Starting with Freebox Pop, available at a price of €29.99/month and mainly without commitment. To compete with the disruptor of Internet access providers, SFR introduces its new SFR Fiber Power price. Who will win this free SVOD internet box duel? Focus on this detailed comparison.

1 year Freebox Pop discount and free Disney+

Free resists and maintains its reduction for 12 months on Freebox Pop. This mid-range fiber optic box is available for €29.99/month for one year and without obligation. Its price then increases to €39.99/month once it is upgraded to full price. Good news, watching Disney+ with your Freebox is possible because the platform is included in the subscription for a period of 3 months. Focus on the terms and other options included.

Freebox Pop is sold with Disney+.

Fiber optic internet box.


Equipped with a fast internet connection, Freebox Pop can reach up to 5 Gb/s shared for download and 700 Mb/s for upload. All on Wi-Fi 6, with the option to order a Wi-Fi Pop repeater. Enough to benefit from an internet connection up to 100 times faster than ADSL.

When it comes to TV bundles, it's hard to do better than this Disney+ online box. First of all, Prime Video is free for 6 months and OQEE by Free TV is completely free. Without forgetting that TV package with more than 230 TV channels, which also includes Eurosport. Perfect for watching tennis tournaments, skiing or even cycling.

Small bonus for football fans, access to the app Free Ligue 1 Uber Eats is free. Supporters can watch highlights, reports, late goals, analysis and other content from their favorite team on smartphones, tablets and computers.

Here are the strengths of Freebox Pop internet box:

  • 12 months reduction;
  • a subscription with no long-term commitment;
  • common optical fiber up to 5 Gb/s for download.
  • 230 TV channels, Disney+ free for 3 months, Prime Video free for 6 months.
  • OQEE by Free and Free Ligue 1 Uber Eats are included in the subscription at no cost.
Speed ​​test for free.

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Disney+ free for 6 months with SFR Fiber Power

SFR responds directly to Free with SFR Fiber Power. The internet box has a price €36.99/month with a 12-month commitment. This is the full price revised down to offer the same amount. In the long run, it is therefore cheaper than Freebox Pop after a year.

SFR Fiber Power in promotion

SFR lets you choose between Netflix and Disney+

Fiber optic internet box.

12 month commitment

The internet speed of SFR internet box can reach up to 2 Gb/s for download and 700 Mb/s for upload. Here too, the Internet user can benefit from a Wi-Fi 6 repeater to extend the range of the connection to all rooms. The operator doesn't forget its basics and includes unlimited calls to landlines in France and more than 100 destinations.

The fiber optic internet box includes a TV package of 200 TV channels. SFR adds Connect TV set-top box to 4K. That's not all, since Netflix or Disney+ (your choice) is free for 6 months. Subscribers can also take advantage of special rates on sports TV packages with SFR.

Tempted by this internet deal? Changing the internet box is quick. In fact, keeping your old landline number is free. Just present your RIO code to SFR and they will take care of it all administrative procedures. The operator also takes care of fiber optic connection (free of charge) and commissioning of all equipment.

In conclusion, the SFR Fiber Power online box includes:

  • new price with 12 month commitment.
  • fiber optic to Wi-Fi 6 to 2 Gb/s.
  • a TV package of 200 TV channels.
  • Disney+ or Netflix offered to choose for 6 months.
TV SFR repeat.

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