Discover the Freebox Pop offer, an internet box without commitment

Get a fiber optic internet box without commitment? It’s possible with Free. The internet service provider continues to offer rates that challenge the competition. This is evidenced by the Freebox Pop. The discount period applied to the fiber optic box remains 12 months, unlike competing internet offers. What are all the options included? Are there other advantages to consider potentially choosing the Freebox Pop over another? Details on Free’s internet offer.

12 months of discount on this no-commitment internet box

Free maintains its position and wants to break the prices of the internet box market. This is why the internet service provider maintains the Freebox Pop at €29.99/month for 12 months and without a fixed-term contract. The following year, the rate goes up to €39.99/month. However, it is the only operator to maintain a year of discount rather than 6 months for the competition.

€30 only for this Free fiber optic internet box, and much more

In addition to offering an interesting rate and fast internet connection, Free’s internet box includes many advantages. Starting with its TV package. On the menu, subscribers can watch over 230 channels thanks to Freebox TV and TV by Canal. For sports fans, this package includes the premium channel Eurosport. For your information, the user can watch Freebox TV on the computer.

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