Destination Rennes reduces the CO2 emissions of its websites by an average of 4 times

Long involved in CSR, the SPL Destination Rennes has just redesigned its Internet sites, including the tourist destination, to reduce its environmental footprint. Designed in a digital sobriety approach, the sites now emit on average 4 times less CO2 emissions [1]. A real challenge in the tourism sector, where photos and videos are numerous and essential to attract more visitors. One month after the launch of its new sites, the objectives have been met and even surpassed with 0.30 g of CO2 emitted per page viewed today. Arborescence, navigation experience, accessibility, design, media: a major project that strongly involved the SPL teams.


Certified ISO 20 121, Tourism and Handicap and labeled Innovative Sustainable Destination, the SPL Destination Rennes has been undergoing a global reflection on its CSR commitment for several years. A commitment that it is pursuing with the redesign of its websites:, https://,,

The stated objectives: to divide CO2 emissions by 4, to be one of the least polluting websites and to simplify the online user experience. Objective achieved because the SPL has reduced its impact by 5 tons of CO2, equivalent to 40 round trips Rennes / Paris by car avoided. (source CO2 impact calculator from Ademe:

Supported by the Rennes agency Voyelle, Destination Rennes first consulted groups of internet users representative of its audience to take on this challenge, with many lessons learned. This major project took two years for the team.

We are proud to continue our commitment to CSR and to launch these new versions of our websites, more virtuous, explains Vincent Aubrée, Director of the Promotion Marketing Department of the Sustainable Destination of Destination Rennes. We wanted to combine our objectives to valorise the territory and those to reduce our carbon footprint. With this new web platform designed with our internet users and developed with a view to reducing its impact, we exceed these two objectives and are convinced that internet users will appreciate their experience. For the contributors of the site, both internal and external, the specifications are strict in terms of editorial and iconographic content. This guarantees the respect of our initial objectives and the pursuit of our continuous improvement approach.

CO2 emissions divided by 4 on average, thanks to the new version of the sites, simpler and less polluting

The redesign of the sites covers several areas:

  • navigation experience: by greatly simplifying the structure of the sites, Destination Rennes retains the richness of content thanks to filtering engines to facilitate and specify internet searches.
  • more responsible development: the source code of the sites has been completely revised to be lighter, faster to load and hence, less polluting. The sites’ hosting provider is also engaged in a CSR approach and ensures the installation of its servers in Ile-de-France, the reason for Destination Rennes’ choice several years ago.
  • content: essential to inspire Rennes for a day or forever (over 60 % of visitors to the tourist site live in the Rennes metropolis), the publication of articles, photos, and videos has a significant impact on the environment. The streamlining of content has represented 500 days of work for the Destination Rennes teams: reducing the weight of 7,000 images, manual optimization of 2,500 pages and articles, re-indexing of 30,000 URLs. Among the changes, the number of videos has been reduced and they no longer start automatically to avoid continuous server operation
  • respect for personal data: to make a reservation online, it is no longer necessary to create an account. In addition, Destination Rennes now uses Piwik Pro, a French tool recommended by the CNIL because it is respectful of personal data. This guarantees internet users that tracking is in compliance with the GDPR and that the data remains hosted in France.
  • accessibility: the new version of the websites is adapted to all users and notably those with cognitive and visual impairments. A module allows to adapt the site’s design in real time to simplify navigation by adapting to different types of impairments.

About Destination Rennes:
Destination Rennes is a Local Public Company whose shareholders are Rennes Metropole and the City of Rennes and chaired by Sébastien Sémeril, Vice-President in charge of the economy at Rennes Metropole. The SPL’s mission is to strengthen the attractiveness of the Rennes metropolis in terms of urban tourism and professional meetings. Destination Rennes also has the mission of operating the Couvent des Jacobins, the convention center of Rennes Metropole.

[1] This figure may vary depending on the specific content of the site, but remains the objective aimed at by Destination Rennes.

Illustration image: © Destination Rennes

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