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Samsung's latest smartphone lineup is packed with technology. In particular, we find all innovations related to artificial intelligence. The Samsung Galaxy S24 smartphone is one of them, but it remains quite expensive. On the other hand, Orange is positioned as the mobile operator of choice to acquire it at the most favorable price. Focus on this unmissable formula.

Samsung Galaxy S24 comes with a tablet without Orange!

The Samsung Galaxy S24 is therefore a little technological gem. To get it at the best price, some people turn to a cell phone plan. As a result, its price drops. First, a immediate discount of €150 allows you to get a price of only €299.

The S24 is available for less than €300 with an Orange mobile offer.

Then, thanks to Orange's cashback offer, a additional bonus of €100 is assigned. To do this, simply calculate the value of your smartphone on the website of the mobile operator. Of course, the Internet user also benefits from the value of his old phone.

All these bonuses are good and allow you to get the Samsung Galaxy S24 at the lowest price. But Orange does not intend to stop there. Actually, he offers a Galaxy Tab A9+ for purchasing this smartphone. This has a value of €299.90. Please note that the offer ends on April 16, 2024.

With Galaxy AI, the client has access to many functions. For example, by circling a plant in a photo, you can find its name. Instant translation is available on the smartphone, practical for those who often travel abroad.

On the Samsung Galaxy S24 with an Orange mobile plan:

  • smartphone for €299 with no hidden fees.
  • exchange bonus €100.
  • Free Galaxy Tab A9+ tablet until April 16.
  • Galaxy AI.
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To take advantage of the Samsung Galaxy S24 at the best price, it is imperative that you turn to a mobile offer from Orange. 200GB seems ideal, because it's the cheaper of the two compatibles. It's on €32.99/month for 6 monthsthen €44.99/month.

Flat rate 200 GB 5GFlat rate 200 GB 5G

The 200 GB package allows you to benefit from S24 at the best price.

This mobile program stands out first of all thanks to integrated 5G network. This makes it easy to navigate at full speed on your new Galaxy S24. In this regard, Orange is number 1 in France according to Arcep, with the majority of 3.5 Ghz antennas.

Regarding the data folder, 200 GB is built-in. This is more than enough for most, if not all, customers. This data allows you to stream movies and series or even enjoy online games. Within this, 120GB can be used from the EU, French Overseas Territories, Switzerland and Andorra.

ONE Multi-SIM Internet is also available. It is especially practical for using the Internet on another device, such as a tablet or Airbox. In case of a problem with the S24 on offer or with the mobile phone plan, a simple call to the Orange 3900 number provides assistance.

Finally, it should be noted that certain privileges are provided to the customer of this mobile offer. In case of damage, breakage, theft or other problem with the Samsung Galaxy S24, a smartphone loan sponsored by Orange.

On the 200GB mobile bundle with the Galaxy S24 on offer:

  • mobile offer at €32.99/month for 6 months.
  • Orange 5G network quality.
  • 200 GB data folder.
  • 120 GB outside France.
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