Content Warning: This co-op horror game came out of nowhere and convinced 200,000 players! We played it and won

Game news Content Warning: This co-op horror game came out of nowhere and convinced 200,000 players! We played it and won

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Last year, Lethal Company reminded us how delicious it is to have fun with friends. Now, it's Content Warning's turn to try its luck. We played there.

Content Warning is available from April 1, 2024 on Steam in full version for €7.79.

Lethal Company has been imitated! A few months after the release of this cooperative horror game comes a specific Content Warning that uses – with a few details – the same principle. With three of your friends, you have to explore the Old World, underground full of traps, monsters and where it's pitch black. But contrary to Zeekerss title, you're not there to pick up debris. Instead, Content Warning will make you the star of 'SpookTube', a platform that loves scary and dangerous videos. With a camera for the whole team, you'll have to get as close as possible to the local wildlife, even if it means losing your life, all to gain views. But at least one of you must stay alive and bring the gang back to the surface.

Cardboard manager

Acting as a “director/influencer” is clearly The good idea for Content Alert… In fact, we quickly get into the game, especially among friends: a presenter, a cameraman, a man who manages the sound with a boom and a last one holds the “clap” and listens to the beginning (two items that can be purchased after one or two successful videos). And that's not all! With enough money, you can even treat yourself to emoticons and dances to put on a show right next to the creatures. There are also more powerful lenses, ways to bring back a friend who died in battle.

Of course, it won't be enough just to shake in front of the camera. To increase views and earn money on SpookTube, you will understand, it's the monsters that count! So Content Warning will force you to take risks to take attractive pictures and believe us, your health can go down very fast. If he is the real one making the toast, his video camera will fall to the ground and the other players will have to retrieve it at any cost to bring the recording back to the surface. Each time, the team has three days to reach a view goal (3,000 to start).

Play dumb but not too much

So Content Warning encourages you to act silly in a hostile environment, but not too much… You can easily get bitten by a monster that looks good on screen – or even startled by a scream while it's running! Also, the camera battery (like the light bulbs) doesn't last forever and you should be careful not to shoot anything or in any way. Here, the case allows you to aim, zoom and also take advantage of the selfie mode, handy for capturing a chase.

But as soon as you surface, you let go of the pressure and sit in front of the TV with your friends. Actually: instead of “silly” displaying your daily score, Content Alert reveals your rushes along with a view counter and comments that evolve in real-time! It's the “best moment” of relaxation that completes every Old World retreat and is a treat to watch. We are happy with everyone's reactions, a senseless death, a crazy message from a netizen. In the end, indicators are just missing to understand which quotes have the most views.

Content Warning: This co-op horror game came out of nowhere and convinced 200,000 players!  We played it and won

In short, with its Lethal Company-like appearance, Content Warning was able to find its own personality thanks to this player-director concept. Even if we note less successful work in sound and atmosphere than in Zeekerss, the Old World and its darkness do the job: we fear, panic and laugh… And above all, there is this projection at the end of place, which encourages us to create small scenes and organize ourselves like a real film crew. Yes, nice find.

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