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Killing two birds with one stone is possible at Bouygues Telecom. Indeed, it is possible to subscribe to an internet box with Xbox, enough to play without moderation. Obviously, the internet provider is positioned as one of the best options for getting one of Microsoft's consoles at the best price. Here is everything you need to know about the issue and the requirements to take advantage of it.

Which cheap Xbox to choose from Bouygues Telecom?

Those without a console can rejoice. Indeed, at Bouygues Telecom, you can take advantage of a discounted Xbox thanks to the ISP's online gaming box. The ISP points to two Microsoft consoles: the Xbox Series S and Series X.

Xbox Series S for €1 with internet box

Although the Xbox Series S is not the last console from Bouygues Telecom, it remains very interesting to play from time to time. At the ISP, it is Symbolic €1 instead of €344.

The game console is €1 instead of €344.

Bouygues Telecom
Xbox Series S

Game Pass is offered for 3 months

Equipped with a 512 GB SSD, you should know that the The game console is 100% digital. That's not a problem, because with Bouygues Telecom online boxes, downloading fast is as easy as pie. It offers images up to 120 FPS, enough to play with great fluidity.

This Xbox Series S bundle on sale also offers Game Pass for 3 months. In particular, the subscription allows you to download many games for free.

Bbox Stream

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€395 discount on Xbox Series X at Bouygues Telecom

Those looking for a cheap Xbox with better performance can look to the Series price at €199 instead of €594.

Xbox on sale Bouygues Telecom

The cheap Xbox is available for €199 instead of €594.

Bouygues Telecom

Game Pass is offered for 3 months

This time, a optical drive included. So it is possible to import games there. But that's not all, because this player can be used to play Blu-ray during the evening sofas. Likewise, the Xbox Series X provides access to 4K, practical for the best image quality.

Game Pass is included again for 3 months. In addition to finding games there, the customer benefits from various consumables, expansions and the ability to play online.

Moving Bouygues Telecom.

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Here are the two internet boxes to choose from with a cheap Xbox

To take advantage of one of the Xboxes on sale, it is imperative that you go to a Bouygues Telecom online box. We find two of them: the Bbox must and Bbox ultym.

Bbox must: the lowest monthly payments with this fiber optic box

To reduce the amount of monthly payments as much as possible, you should turn to Bbox must. It shows a value of €42.99/month before two-year commitment. Currently, activation fees are free.

Bouygues Telecom Bbox must

Prime Video and Universal+ are offered for 6 months.

Bouygues Telecom


This fiber optic box allows you to take advantage of a speed of 1 Gb/s in downstream speed and 700 Mb/s in upstream speed. This is more than enough to play at full speed on your cheap Xbox. In addition, there is WiFi 6, practical to limit interruptions.

The internet box also allows you to watch Amazon Prime Video with your Bbox. In fact, the platform is offered for 6 months, just like Universal+. More than 180 TV channels are also included.

TV on PC with Bouygues Telecom.

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Three streaming platforms included in Bbox ultym

For its part, Bbox Ultym is also compatible with Xbox promos. However, it is more expensive, i.e. €52.99/month with a two-year commitment.

Bbox ultimate gaming

Disney+ is also available for free.

Bouygues Telecom


With the Bbox ultym fiber optic box, make room for performance. in addition to offers WiFi 6E, the speed is 2 Gb/s for download and upload. Of course, a test has to be done to make sure you reach these numbers.

In addition to the Amazon Prime Video and Universal+ offer, Disney+ is also free for 6 months. For once, 180 TV channels are in the package.

Enjoy Disney+ on the internet Bouygues Telecom

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