BoursoBank is crazy, they offer 220 euro cash for a free account

This online bank has never offered such a generous, free and unconditional welcome bonus. From March 21 to 25, 2024, BoursoBank allows you to receive €220 in bonus cash in minutes if you open a current account.

This is a unique and extremely generous offer offered this weekend by BoursoBank. The former Boursorama Banque decided to boost its welcome bonus to attract new customers. From this Thursday March 21st evening until Monday March 25th at midnight, you have the opportunity to receive €220 in bonus cash to open a free bank account.

I open a free account

Known as the “cheapest bank” for 16 years as ranked by our peers The world, BoursoBank is an example on all levels: prices, product range, customer service and interfaces. It is recommended by 90% of its customers as it offers a new banking experience. You can get the 220 euros using the code PINK220 it's the icing on the cake.

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Carte premium Free

Bonus linked to payment

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Conditions: No income conditions – Welcome Cards and Ultim

Annual fees: €0 • Initial deposit: €300

Deposit Check: ✔ • Cash Deposit: ✘

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Monthly card cost: €0

Eurozone Withdrawals: Free • Eurozone Payments: Free

Withdrawals in foreign currencies: 1.69% • Payments in foreign currencies: Free

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A bonus divided into three

If you have been following BoursoBank's “Pink Weekend” operations for several years, you probably know that the online bank offers between 130 and 150 euros during these high periods. The rest of the year, the welcome bonus is limited to 80 euros. The 220 euros offered at the moment is unprecedented: the bank has never been so generous. And yet, she wouldn't need it because she's so seductive.

In detail, you have a bonus which is divided into three parts. First, you will receive 70 euros to open your current account. Then you will get 80 euros if you make a first payment of 300 euros on it (between 50 and 299 euros payment, you will only get 40 euros). Finally, you will also receive 70 euros for EasyMove banking mobility (which you must use in the first year).

Between March 21 and 25, you simply need to fill out the registration form to activate the €220 bonus. You will then have plenty of time to make a first payment and use the mobile banking service. In just a few minutes, you can start the registration process and claim the bonus, free and unconditional.

To receive the 220 euros you should therefore:

  • Open a free account
  • Make a first payment
  • Use EasyMove (free)

At BoursoBank, not only are you entitled to a free bank account, but you also have a free premium card (like Visa Premier). This is why it is the cheapest bank in France – and why more than half of its customers do not have a commission. The Ultim card, which is a card similar to Visa Premier, is accessible without income conditions and remains free if you use it once a month.

BoursoBank then leaves you completely free to make it a primary or secondary account. If you want to make it your main bank, you have everything you need to do it: savings accounts, stock market, insurance, loans, etc. The EasyMove bank mobility service will allow you to easily transfer them from another bank to the new Boursorama Banque.

To discover this Pink Weekend, click here:

I open a free account

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