Blizzard provides an update on the Overwatch 2 Defensive Matrix program

In an article just published on the official website, Blizzard provides updates on the Overwatch 2 Defensive Matrix program. In store for Season 9, changes are being made to recommendations, in-game departures, cheating, and penalties. Find all the details below.

We will continue to develop the Defensive Matrix program in 2024. Previously, we have outlined our efforts to discourage in-game departures in Overwatch 2 and to promote positivity, while explaining the impact of your reports. With the arrival of Season 9, we wanted to provide you with new details on ongoing improvements to our recommendation system and the measures being taken to deter disruptive behavior.

Giving more impact to recommendations
A constant request in your feedback is to increase the impact of the recommendation system. In recent seasons, we have already made significant efforts in this direction. In the mid-season update of Season 7, we fixed various bugs that were causing players to lose their recommendation rating too quickly, and stopped penalizing those who chose to team up with their friends. In Season 8, it is now much easier to improve your recommendation rating without worrying about it dropping too quickly.

A rule that was previously in effect prevented two contacts from recommending each other. This rule was intentional at the initial introduction of the system, but we obviously do not want to discourage teammates from supporting their friends who are part of their contacts. For this reason, starting from Season 9, we are removing the recommendation restriction for people already in your contacts.

New features to prevent departures during the game
We previously revised how penalties are imposed on players who frequently leave quick games. This had beneficial consequences, with the number of in-game departures declining significantly. Since a previous update, queueing is restricted for offenders, who can be given a suspension of up to four hours after six departures are recorded in the last 20 games.

For Season 9, we are expanding the penalties for leaving queues to Mystery Heroes, as well as to the Heroic Mastery mode: challenge, when it becomes available this year. We understand that there may be valid reasons for ending unranked games. However, leaving more than four games will trigger restrictions until you can finish your games.

Saying goodbye to cheating
We continue our fight against cheating, and we wanted to share the progress of our efforts with you. Cheating tools, such as “aimbots” and “wallhacks,” affect the integrity of our game. The use of these methods also goes against our code of conduct and end-user license agreement. People we identify as cheating will be banned from Overwatch 2.

Since the launch of Overwatch 2, we have identified and banned over 380,000 accounts for cheating. Additionally, we have suspended or banned over 35,000 accounts that have knowingly allied with cheaters. Remember that if you encounter a player you suspect of cheating during your games, you can report them in-game.

Transparency around account sanctions
Overwatch 2 is a competitive first-person shooter where you can choose different characters and play styles. This allows you to engage in thrilling matches with players from around the world, but unfortunately, some disruptive behaviors can harm the overall experience. When the same behavior is reported in multiple games, we take action to suspend or mute offending individuals and warn them via email. If necessary, we ban accounts identified as repeat offenders.

It is important for us to communicate impartially and transparently when we take action against a game account. We are aware that some people share the decisions made when their account is suspended or banned within online communities. These profiles are often found to be disruptive, but in some cases, our assessment of harmful behavior may be reviewed. If you believe that unjust action has been taken against you because your account has been compromised by someone else, you can appeal this action for a review of our final decision. Keep in mind that you are responsible for your account and should never share its details with a third party.

Remember that any harassing or insulting remarks towards other players are unacceptable, regardless of the language used. In Overwatch, you play with up to nine other teammates who share the same passion for the game, so we rely on everyone to make each game as enjoyable as possible. Thank you for making Overwatch 2 an entertaining and positive experience for yourself and others! We look forward to seeing you again for the release of Season 9 on February 13th.

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