Blizzard finally listens to WoW Classic players! The follow-up to this new version is a dream for fans.

Game News Blizzard finally listens to WoW Classic players! The continuation of this new version is a dream come true for fans


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The North American company has not forgotten its most nostalgic players! This Classic version benefits from some very exciting new features.

During BlizzCon, which took place in early November, World of Warcraft fans did not expect the company to announce so much content. Three expansions were announced to follow Dragonflight, which is still ongoing, to assert that even though this MMORPG is soon to celebrate its 20th anniversary, it has not had its last word. Those who prefer the Classic version were also spoiled with the arrival of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Classic, as well as an unexpected novelty. Blizzard announced a new version that is much closer to the “Wow Classic+” that some players desire. In other words, it is a slightly modified version of the base game released in 2004 (2005 in Europe) called “the season of discovery”.

A resounding success when the servers opened in late November, Blizzard clearly hit the mark with this new content. Players from around the world were able to rediscover their favorite version of the game with new spells, new quests, a new raid, and PvP zone. This first phase was a real success, despite some setbacks along the way. However, the company seems to have fully taken into account the feedback from players, as the second phase that is coming in a week includes a large number of changes in line with the fans’ demands.

The phase 2 of the season of discovery promises to be innovative

It was on Monday 30th of January that Blizzard announced the new features they have planned for phase 2 of the season of discovery. On the agenda, new runes, a well-known dungeon rebuilt as a raid, and an innovative player vs. player event. The developers of this experimental version of the famous MMORPG have not been short of ideas to breathe new life into the old world of Azeroth. The new runes allow for new abilities specific to each class, allowing for a new surge of creativity in approaching battles. Along the same lines, it will also be possible to obtain skill books to facilitate the gameplay for certain classes, such as an improvement of the paladin’s blessings. The new raid in Gnomeregan promises many surprises and a myriad of new equipment to obtain. Finally, the Stranglethorn Valley will be frequently transformed into a bloody battleground where all players, regardless of their faction, can battle to collect rewards. Unlike the player vs. player event in the first phase, there will be no opposing faction boss to defeat, and although groups are allowed, there is a nasty surprise awaiting those who rely too much on numbers to crush their opponents.

In addition to these promising additions, which were mostly expected, other points related to the functioning of the game were exposed, showing that player feedback was a decisive factor in the implementation of this new phase. Blizzard has listened and taken into account player demands following the first phase and has decided to implement rules regarding the battleground queues. Indeed, there will now be less chance of encountering pre-established teams (premade) if you play alone or in a small group. In order to address the issue of bots and the illegal sale of gold for real money, Blizzard has also decided to ban the formation of “GDKP” raid groups, but only for the servers of the season of discovery. This is actually a system put in place for players consisting of buying equipment obtained from raid bosses with gold. This system, while it may seem more rational than the random one, encourages the purchase of gold for real money in order to have a better chance of obtaining the coveted raid rewards.

So, a little patience, as some exciting things seem to be awaiting World of Warcraft players at the launch of phase 2 of the season of discovery planned for February 8th.

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