Between Starter and RED Box, which internet offer to choose?

Choosing an internet box that meets your expectations is not necessarily easy. As a sign of quality, many internet users turn to an SFR optical fiber box. However, even in this situation, it is not necessarily easy to select the most interesting offer. The editorial team of our internet box comparator gives you all the information you need to know and compares prices to help you make the optimal choice.

RED by SFR: still the best SFR optical fiber box?

Many internet users tend to forget that other internet operators are on SFR’s fixed network. In fact, there is only one, and that is RED by SFR. Moreover, the ISP opts for simplicity, offering only one promotional box. This is the RED box, available for 25.99€/month.

With these monthly payments, it costs 311.88€ over a whole year. However, a month is offered for any subscription, which amounts to 285.89€ for the first year. In addition, up to 100€ will be refunded on the fees for cancelling the previous internet provider.

The inexpensive box from RED by SFR is the cheapest of the year.

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