Benjamin Leroux, Advens: CISOs must not miss the “artificial intelligence train”…

Benjamin Leroux, Advens: CISOs must not miss the “artificial intelligence train”…

For its new participation in Forum InCyber, Advens will first announce the opening of its subsidiary in Germany. In addition, it will present its new SOC offer dedicated to OT and IoT environments, compliance with the NIS 2 directive… Benjamin Leroux, Chief Marketing Officer of Advens, considers that CISOs must not miss the “artificial intelligence train”…

Global Security Mag: What will be your news at the Forum InCyber 2024?

Benjamin Leroux: As every year, the news for Advens will be rich! One of the strong axes will be our European expansion. We have just opened in Germany, completing the list of European subsidiaries with Spain and Italy opened in 2023. Day after day, we are building a champion of sovereign cybersecurity in Europe.

The news will also be about our offers and our solution portfolio. The SOC in the era of OT and IoT environments, compliance with the NIS 2 directive, not to mention the preparation for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games! An intense year in Cyber for which our experts are ready.

Finally, Advens’ news is also the news of Advens For People and Planet, our endowment fund. We will focus on the awareness program for middle school girls and boys developed by the foundation’s teams: the Mural of Cybercitizen.s! Come to our stand to learn more!

Global Security Mag: What are the strengths of the solutions you will present on this occasion?

Benjamin Leroux: Advens solutions are always marked by a concern for efficiency and pragmatism. The Cyber market is becoming increasingly rich, not to say complex. Threats are intensifying as usage develops. It is essential for us to provide CISOs with visibility, simplification, and solutions adapted to their needs and maturity level. This is the way our solutions are designed, to help organizations define the right level of security, achieve it, and maintain it over time – which is increasingly critical now.

Global Security Mag: This year, the Forum InCyber will focus on AI, what are the main cyber threats that have emerged from it?

Benjamin Leroux: First and foremost, AI in cybersecurity represents both a threat and an opportunity source. It is a set of valuable solutions to strengthen defense capabilities (as we have been doing within our SOC, mySOC for several years now) and also to improve the work of Cyber teams.

But it is also a development axis for malicious activities. It is a way to industrialize known attacks, make them more effective and intense, as can be the case with phishings or scams integrating generative AI or deepfakes, for example. It is also an extension of possibilities to make attacks even more complex, as we have seen with the first malwares capable of exploiting AI APIs to become polymorphic. Finally, it is also the emergence of new threats linked to new uses, such as data leakage resulting from the learning of algorithms used in solutions like ChatGPT, Bard / Gemini, or Copilot.

Global Security Mag: Have you integrated or are you going to integrate AI technologies into your solutions?

Benjamin Leroux: It is already the case within our SOC for several years thanks to machine learning and behavioral analysis. mySOC integrates these elements to strengthen its detection capabilities and expand data processing capabilities. Our R&D is currently working on using generative AIs and LLM to make our SOC analysts “extended analysts”!

The other areas of Cyber are not left behind. How to strengthen our offensive techniques during Red Team campaigns? How to improve the effectiveness of consultants in charge of governance and compliance? How to boost the creativity of consultants in charge of awareness?

Global Security Mag: How should technologies evolve to counter these threats?

Benjamin Leroux: Technologies, as always, must try to evolve at the speed of attackers’ inventiveness and creativity. With AI, we realize that it is really not just a matter of technologies. It also requires the right profiles (such as data scientists) capable of mastering these technologies. The right way to counter these threats will involve an understanding of the possibilities offered by these technologies, but also the involvement of “wired” defenders like attackers. Diversity will be one of the keys to the success of Cyber in the years to come.

Global Security Mag: What message do you want to convey to CISOs?

Benjamin Leroux: As was said at the CESIN Congress, CISOs must not miss the “artificial intelligence train”… as was the case when the cloud arrived. The train has left, it has even left very quickly. CISOs must get on board as soon as possible to identify the associated threats and, above all, the opportunities for their daily work.

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