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More than 95% of the clicks made by Internet users are on the first page of search. The finding is clear: being visible on the internet is first and foremost about being in the top results.

Good search engine optimization is now essential to be clearly identified by your customers and expand your audience. But how to do it? The internet is a universe to conquer. Developing an effective and sustainable strategy takes time and skills. Digit’All Consulting is an SEO agency specializing in internet referencing and assists companies in all sectors. Meeting with Axel Brulard, SEO consultant and head of Digit’All Consulting.

What is referencing?

In the field of referencing, we identify 2 main categories: natural referencing and paid referencing.

Natural referencing or SEO consists of optimizing the pages of a website in order to gain positions on search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing…). We identify 3 levers allowing the pages of a website to be well referenced. First, the technical pillar, which concerns aspects invisible to the visitor, but taken into account by Google: Title and meta-description tags, Hn tags (H1/H2/H3…), loading time and performance of the website etc. Then, the content pillar, which takes into account the positioning of pages on certain keywords, this pillar being the most important of the three.

Finally, the netlinking pillar, which concerns all links from and to the website. We distinguish two types of netlinking: internal and external. Internally, these are the links that you will prepare to your different pages (hyperlinks), while externally, these are links created by other sites that point to yours (or some of your pages), in order to rise in search results.

Aligning these three pillars allows a company to position itself on the desired keywords. Nevertheless, it is not always necessary to obtain external links in netlinking to reach the first page, but for this it is preferable to go through an SEO expert. Natural referencing is to be preferred when a company wants to position itself on the web in the long term (results after about three months).

Paid referencing or SEA consists of paying for keywords from Google Ads or Microsoft Ads or Bing Ads (any search engine) to position yourself at the top of search results almost instantly. The billing system is Cost per Click, which means that you are billed for each of the selected keywords, knowing that the price varies depending on:

  • The competitive intensity of the keyword,
  • The geographical targeting of your ads,
  • The bids placed on the keyword,
  • The type of match of the keyword (broad query, exact phrase, exact keyword).

Paid referencing allows for very fast returns but stops as soon as the company no longer pays the search engine company, it’s a short or medium-term strategy.

In the case of Digit’All Consulting, an expert SEA agency in its field of activity, the director recommends to all his clients to adopt both referencing strategies jointly and at the same time, so that they can benefit from the first returns on investment from the 1st month of support.

What are the challenges of referencing for companies?

If a good digital communication strategy represents an investment, the results of better visibility on the internet involve different levels of thinking for sustainable and measurable results in terms of customer prospecting, conversion rates but also online sales (for e-commerce sites). It is therefore not only a question of knowing the rules of referencing to obtain results in terms of visibility on the internet, but also to ensure a lasting presence through work on published content.

Many companies have inappropriate tools or websites that, due to their malfunctions, reduce the efforts made by the company to establish its digital presence. If we add to that the false promises made to companies by vendors of ready-made solutions, we understand that the intervention of an SEO expert makes it possible to rationalize the existing tools and boost the efficiency of digital marketing. To be visible, a website or an e-commerce platform is engaged in permanent competition to become the best answer to queries expressed by Internet users on search engines.

France has more than 61 million Internet users, that is 93% of its population, and the vast majority of them conduct research on the internet before contacting a specialized company or making a purchase. However, with 1.98 billion websites registered in the world, it is a highly technical profession that requires in-depth knowledge of web development and optimization.

How do you support companies that use your services?

Digit’All Consulting deploys great rigor in the development of digital strategies. We are no longer at the beginning of the internet. Most of our clients already have a website, have tried to energize their presence on the internet, but often with insufficient results. The company’s employees are themselves consumers on the internet and know that being on the 4th and 5th page on Google is not enough.

We start with a free SEO pre-audit that will determine the current referencing of your website, its general positioning in terms of keywords, and all the technical data that make it up (technical pillar of SEO). This initial assessment concerns of course the visibility on Google but also on all major search engines like Bing or Yahoo. From this first assessment, we offer recommendations and a turnkey action plan.

Digit’All Consulting offers various monthly subscriptions to optimize websites, integrating for example geolocated pages, blog articles, quality content that includes reviews, sharing of experiences, particularly well-referenced.

Our belief is that only a strategy based on technical solutions and quality content truly and lastingly impacts company’s results. We always prioritize qualitative content over netlinking. In certain ultra-competitive business sectors such as real estate, automotive, plumbing repairs, or online clothing sales, a link building strategy is mandatory, and it is only in these specific cases that we resort to netlinking.

The work done takes a few days or weeks before having the expected effect. To speed up, we propose to run a parallel acquisition campaign through SEA, that is, paid referencing on search engines. These ads are based on carefully chosen keywords to “raise” the website to the first position.

The effectiveness of our methods is measured, notably by the click-through rates of the worked links. The national average ranges from 3 to 4% of clicks, our results reach 9% thanks to the introduction of incentivizing elements that optimize the results of these campaigns. The same goes for the conversion rate of our campaigns, which is around 4-6% regardless of the sector of activity.

What is the level of maturity of French companies facing the referencing challenge?

Digit’All Consulting does not have a typical client profile. It can be service companies, VSEs, SMEs or ETIs. The first meetings often show a certain dismay from the companies that have understood the stakes of their visibility on the internet, have believed to take the right measures and find themselves without significant results.

Most companies lack time and specialized internal resources to be effective, especially as the rules of referencing evolve every month. Digit’All Consulting is constantly on the lookout to adjust its clients’ strategies.

“The satisfaction of our clients is measured not only by the increase in their business resulting from prospecting on the internet, but also by the peace of mind they gain from our collaboration. We support them over time. Their performance is ours. They are not just customers, we are partners and our collaboration is based on mutual trust.”

This content was created in partnership with SCP. BFM Business did not participate in the creation of this content.

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