Apple will no longer be able to boast that it is unique! After 17 years, iPhones are finally getting closer to Android smartphones thanks to Europe

New JVTech Apple will no longer be able to boast that it is unique! After 17 years, iPhones are finally getting closer to Android smartphones thanks to Europe

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While the Samsung Galaxy and other Android smartphones have allowed this for a long time, Apple will have to settle in Europe for authorizing app downloads from a website.

Apple is changing its tune under pressure from Europe

Apple plans to introduce new changes in some European Union countries allowing some developers to distribute their iOS apps directly from a website. This initiative, planned to launch next spring with a software update, will give developers a new method of distribution without the need for a separate app store, provided they agree to abide by Apple's strict rules.

Apps offered through Web Distribution must meet notarization requirements to protect the integrity of the platform, like all iOS apps, and can only be installed from a website domain that the developer has registered with App Store Connect.

Despite this apparent openness, security remains a priority for Apple. Apps distributed through websites must respect Apple's development ecosystem, including meeting notarization requirements and obtaining user approval when installing on an iPhone through Settings. Developers will also need to obtain specific authorization from Apple by meeting certain criteria. This includes enrolling in the Apple Developer Program, maintaining good standing in the program for at least two years, and other requirements.

Apple opens while pressing the lock

As we explained to you above, this new distribution method will not be without limitations. Developers will be subject to various restrictions and fees, including; charge 50 euro cents for each additional installation and update beyond one million annual installations. Only non-profit organizations, certain educational institutions and government agencies will be exempt from this tax.

To install apps from a developer's website, users must first allow the developer to install apps in their iPhone's settings. When installing an app, a system sheet will display information that developers have submitted to Apple for review, such as app name, developer name, app description, screenshots, etc. screen and system age assessment.

However, despite these challenges, this initiative offers benefits for developers who wish to comply with Apple's rules. It allows them to avoid third-party app stores and their associated fees, while still giving users direct access to iOS apps. Along with these changes, Apple is also relaxing its strict rules regarding links to external websites for digital product purchases. Developers will now have more freedom to design promotions and offers without being forced to use Apple's standards.

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