“Ants are eating my graphics card!” »: a player surprises everyone by showing pictures of his computer being eaten by insects

JVTech News “Ants are eating my graphics card!” »: a player surprises everyone by showing pictures of his computer being eaten by insects

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When we told you to be careful when eating at your computer, it wasn't for nothing. This gamer probably didn't listen carefully and paid the price: ants found their way into his graphics card, with harmful consequences.

Surprise surprise, ants settle on his computer

Imagine you are in the middle of an intense gaming game and while you are focused as always, you see a small movement in your peripheral vision. Take a look and notice that it is a small ant. Nothing wrong, except that she is not alone. Others follow it, and others again, an actual colony in a file, which appears to come from somewhere near your computer.

This happened to one player, who posted his little story on Reddit. While on his computer, he was surprised by the temperature he already had in his tower. Going to look into the system settings, he saw that his graphics card had gone up several notches over usual. Worried about the situation, he decides to check the operation of his fans. no problem at that level, but that's when he saw ants walking quietly over his GPU.

Amazed, he began to disassemble his graphics card and discover the pot of roses:

I have seen ants walking on my GPU and the top of my case. They were even coming off the GPU heatsink. That's when I got worried and broke it up. They ate the thermal pads and thermal paste and I had to use a hair dryer to get them out.

As can be seen in the photos of the area, These are very small red ants, which are known to be quite destructive to electrical installations. So this should not be taken lightly. According to our gamer friend, they were not sensitive to GPU heat around 72 degrees, having fully adapted.

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What is the solution?

If we want to avoid ending up with red ants swarming our super expensive computer and literally eating our components, what are the solutions? Already, it is important to avoid as much as possible the presence of food near fixed electrical appliances, even if it's not easy when you want to make a small row while eating your dinner.

It's not what you expect, and so surprised, the author of the post found something: chalk which, detecting it, repels such creatures. Another user advises:

Sticky traps and double-way tape For a short-term solution, rest your tower legs on sticky traps, then wrap double-way tape over your laces to keep them stuck there too.

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