Amazon takes a new step with its palm payment service

Gradually, Amazon is trying to replace technologies like NFC or QR codes with a new identification service called Amazon One, which is already available in the United States. Announced in 2020, Amazon One recognizes users with the palm of their hand. Like fingerprints, the palm is full of information unique to each person, which allows for identification, like a signature. And it is this information that Amazon scans to validate payments or to verify the identity of a person entering a restricted place (stadium, airport, etc.).

At launch in 2020, Amazon One was only supported by a few Amazon Go stores in the United States. But the service quickly evolved and today, it is used by hundreds of Whole Foods supermarkets (Amazon subsidiary) and more than a hundred places like stadiums, airports, sports halls, etc. To improve the user experience and encourage more people to use its identification service, Amazon recently launched its app dedicated to Amazon One. Thanks to this app, users will be able to sign up for this service at home by taking a photo of their palms (previously you had to travel to sign up).

“The new Amazon One app allows customers to create their online profile by linking their Amazon account, taking a photo of their palm and adding a payment method, all within the app. Once signed up, customers can start using Amazon One for payment, sign-in, age verification and loyalty rewards by simply swiping their palm over an Amazon One device […]”, explains the e-commerce giant. However, enrollment is only truly complete when the user places their hand over an Amazon One ID device for the first time.

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Already 8 million users

In any case, despite the reluctance one might have to use an identification service based on biometric information, Amazon One is a success in the United States. To date, the tech giant claims more than 8 million users and claims that 80% of people who used Amazon One for the first time have used it again. In terms of privacy, the company explains that it does not identify users using raw images of the palm or veins, but rather using a digital signature generated through the characteristics of the hand.

“Although the patterns on your palms and veins are permanent, the digital signature we use for identification is not. This allows us to remove palm signatures and create new ones at any time.”, Amazon indicates. In addition, the company is said to have created technology that allows identification not to be fooled by duplicates.

  • Amazon continues to develop its service that allows you to identify yourself or make payments using your palm
  • The service, which already has more than 8 million users in the United States, is launching a new mobile app for quick registration
  • In Uncle Sam's Land, this is already supported by Amazon stores, Whole Foods supermarkets (an Amazon subsidiary) and others in third-party placements such as airports, sports halls, stadiums, etc.

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