All indications are that a shortage of graphics cards is coming in 2025: the confirmation of a major player in the industry is already worrying

JVTech News All indications are that a shortage of graphics cards is coming in 2025: the confirmation of a major player in the industry is already worrying

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Everyone still remembers the last GPU shortage we faced in the post-Covid period. Horror for players who wanted to take advantage of this period to upgrade their settings. If this crisis seems to be far behind us, it could be that it will return within a few months…

The price of graphics cards could soar again in 2025

Recently, it was a company specializing in high-bandwidth RAM design that managed to create uncertainty by suggesting thatA shortage of electronic chips may appear in the coming months. This is the American company Micron Technology, which refers to the HBM3E chips it delivers.

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HBM3E chips, the latest generation of high-bandwidth RAM, are essential components for the production of high-end graphics cards dedicated to artificial intelligence. They enable the lightning-fast data transfers needed to handle the most demanding workloads. Moreover, This could hinder innovation in artificial intelligencea rapidly growing industry that requires increasingly efficient chips to develop new applications.

The situation is even more alarming as the semiconductor crisis is not yet over. Demand for electronic chips remains very high, while production capacity is struggling to keep up. Micron Technology's announcement sounds like a warning to the computer industry. A shortage of HBM3E could heighten tensions in the semiconductor market and have significant implications for innovation and prices of electronic products. If you were planning to build a new gaming setup or upgrade your current one, you better not delay…

Stocks of HBM3E chips from 2025 are already partially exhausted…

It was during the company's results presentation that Sanjay Mehrotra, director of Micron Technology, worried the industry's biggest players. Yes, he clarified having already used up the entire HBM3E chip stock for 2024 and that a large part of it for 2025 was already reserved. This revelation is a blow to the IT industry, especially to AI market players like NVIDIA. NVIDIA's H200 GPU, dedicated to artificial intelligence, uses 6 HBM3E chips to achieve 141 GB of HBM memory. Therefore, the lack of these chips could hinder the development and adoption of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies.

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Micron's HBM3E chips deliver outstanding performance, with a data transfer rate of 9.2 GT/s and memory bandwidth of over 1.2 TB/s per device. They were converted the solution of choice for many memory-intensive applications, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence.

Highlights of Micron Technology's announcement the need to find solutions to alleviate the HBM3E chip shortage. This could include increasing production capacity, diversifying supply sources and developing alternative technologies. However, if you want to equip yourself with a new graphics card in the short term, it is best to take advantage of the fact that the prices are still acceptable while there is still time.

In conclusion, the current situation is worrying for the IT industry. The lack of HBM3E chips could have negative impact on the development and adoption of cutting edge artificial intelligence technologies. It is vital that swift action is taken to ensure the security of microchip supply and support the growth of the AI ​​market.

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