AI: Double Identity – Artificial Intelligence and Me

The exhibition “IA: Double Je,” presented at the Quai des Savoirs from February 2 to November 3, 2024, delves into the world of artificial intelligence. A science that, although it has existed for a long time, fuels today’s fantasies, particularly since the arrival of ChatGPT or Midjourney. Every day, new innovations appear, sparking debates and controversies, between fear and enthusiasm. To see more clearly, the Quai des Savoirs proposes, with this exhibition, a historical and prospective journey into the heart of contemporary scientific research and its multiple challenges.

“Toute technologie suffisamment avancée est indiscernable de la magie.” – Arthur C. Clarke (1917-2008), science-fiction author

“To succeed in creating AI would be the greatest event in human history. Unfortunately, it could also be the last, unless we learn to avoid the risks.” The physicist Stephen Hawking thus refers to the upheaval that artificial intelligence (AI) would represent, as well as all its complexity. This new exhibition, IA: Double Je, precisely evokes this duality between revolutionary technological progress and the necessary anticipation of significant impacts. It invites us to explore the possibilities without forgetting to question the limits of the use of AI.

With this exhibition on AI, the Quai des Savoirs, a metropolitan facility, sheds light on the work of these thousands of people in Toulouse and participates in the dissemination of scientific culture. – Jean-Luc Moudenc, Mayor of Toulouse, President of Toulouse-Métropole

“Artificial intelligence is omnipresent in debates, between the hope of freeing ourselves from tasks that it could handle and the fear of being surpassed by the machine. It finds increasing applications in vital sectors such as the analysis of medical images, as well as in more recreational uses, such as image generation. It is part of the great questions of our time, whether they concern decarbonization – it is an energy-intensive technology – critical thinking, or the fight against disinformation, the possibility of massively generating synthetic texts and “deep fakes” disrupting the informational ecosystem.

It is this complexity that the IA: Double Je exhibition at the Quai des Savoirs presents and decrypts, from the scientific and technical dimensions of artificial intelligence to the perspectives it opens up in the fields of art, philosophy, culture, and politics. It highlights its structural duality: if the use of this technology opens up infinite possibilities, whether to automate mundane operations or to organize complex data, the way we build the algorithms and the databases they exploit profoundly disrupts our frames of reference. In the end, IA: Double Je questions the notion of responsibility, that of engineers and technicians, but also that of society as a whole, from the citizen to the entrepreneur, through the legislator. In a world where artificial intelligence could be brought to govern our decisions in fields as diverse as recruitment, justice or health, citizens must become enlightened defenders of its transparency; artificial intelligence, more than any other technology to date, raises unprecedented questions that the exhibition addresses with the concern to advance the common consciousness of the coming times.” – Bruno Maquart, President of Universcience

“Should we be afraid of artificial intelligence?”

The influence of the human mind on AI is present in this article. It is a technology that is increasingly being integrated into our lives. A series of exhibitions, debates, and conferences will take place this year, featuring experts in the field of artificial intelligence, aiming to educate the public and engage them in the discourse around ethical considerations and societal impacts.

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