after the speed record, this chinese robot performs a flip

Unitree's H1 robot continues to impress the high-tech world. The speed record was already an achievement. But engineers still want to write their names in history. And to achieve this, they programmed the H1 models to be able to backflip. The rest in video.

There's an interesting tug-of-war going on in the world of robotics right now. On the one hand we have the American Atlas model by Boston Dynamics. On the other hand, there is the Chinese robot H1 from Unitree. The former already managed a backflip (or a backflip) a few months ago. However, there was still a lack of liquidity in the movements. And Chinese engineers managed to seize this opportunity. The H1 generation is capable of the same move, but with a very advanced system. So would China take the top spot in robotics?

Unitree H1 robot: a technological gem

Many robots can backflip. This is what happens with Atlas. The latter has already succeeded in this stunt. However, this model is based on a hydraulic system. Fluid leaks may occur during these movements.

This is not the case for Unitree's H1 robot. Engineers designed articulation devices to ensure optimal fluidity of movement. Exists several electric motors powerful enough to propel the robot. Yes, these items have a torque 360 ​​Nm. And that's not all. The Chinese also installed one Artificial Intelligence on this robot. Machine Learning then allows it to memorize moves to reproduce in the future.

Currently, the H1 robot is capable of running at high speed, lift boxes, climb stairs, jump and do a flip. What more ?

The latest robot from Unitree

No, the H1 robot is not Unitree's only product. The Chinese company has already launched models inspired by dogs. These Go2's are currently $1600. However, the Asian report wants to find a place in the global market.

He intends to they compete with the most efficient humanoid robots. In the arena there is Boston Dynamics Atlas. But the models Tesla's Optimus and the generations Figure 01 they are not far in the competition. This rivalry could open the door to many innovations in the near future.

When is the release?

Unitree has already opened pre-orders to buy an H1 robot. Several companies have shown their intention to acquire it. However, Deliveries won't start until the middle of the year, possibly during the summer.

And the Chinese giant does not intend to stop there. He is currently planning to launch another robot model. This one has hands, unlike the H1 generation. There is already a video showing the performance of this innovation. And to add a touch of style, these models wear clothes. Enough to reduce the distance between man and machine.

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